Donny Osmond Teases Son Chris: 'You're a Star!'

"Donny Osmond's playful reaction surprises 'Claim to Fame' fans.

by Nouman Rasool
Donny Osmond Teases Son Chris: 'You're a Star!'
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Donny Osmond couldn't help but gush over his son's recent appearance on ABC's reality show, "Claim to Fame." The 65-year-old legendary performer took to Instagram to share his immense pride after Chris Osmond, his son, placed third in Monday's gripping season finale.

The unique reality series centers around contestants who have famous relatives. Their challenge? Guessing who each other's celebrity connections are. For anyone who's been tuning into "Claim to Fame," it was quite a spectacle to witness how elusive Chris was in the guessing game.

"Chris truly spiced up the show, keeping everyone guessing about his celebrity connection," Donny remarked. "I'm beaming with pride for my boy." In a light-hearted twist, Donny's post continued with a humorous list of all the celebrity names thrown in the guessing hat, eventually signing off as everyone from Nicholas Cage to John Travolta, before finally admitting, "I mean, Donny Osmond."

Lunchbox Reveals Chris's Identity

Osmond's heartfelt post concluded with an endearing jab at one particular clue that inadvertently tipped off the competitors about Chris's identity.

A "Donny and Marie" lunchbox was the culprit. "PS. That lunchbox and I? We're on a break!" he quipped. Reflecting on his "Claim to Fame" journey, Chris shared with Entertainment Weekly his sentiments about that infamous lunchbox moment.

"Once the name 'Donny Osmond' was whispered around, I knew my time on the show might be limited. And seeing that lunchbox during the final challenge? I thought, 'That's it for me,'" Chris confessed. He then spoke warmly about his father's support throughout the show.

"Dad was my biggest cheerleader. He never missed an episode. Seeing him so excited for me, given this was such a huge platform, meant the world. He was there for me every step of the way."