Sarah Jessica Parker Adopts 'And Just Like That' Cat

Unforeseen reunions and delays mark season's poignant end.

by Nouman Rasool
Sarah Jessica Parker Adopts 'And Just Like That' Cat
© Pascal Le Segretain/GettyImages

Sarah Jessica Parker has heartwarmingly expanded her furry family by adopting Carrie Bradshaw's much-adored cat, Shoe, from the popular S*x and the City spin-off, "And Just Like That." Through an Instagram post, Parker let her fans in on the delightful tidbit: the cat's off-screen name is Lotus.

Hailing from the Connecticut Humane Society, Lotus found his forever home with Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, this past April. Parker's announcement was accompanied by a series of heartwarming snapshots of Lotus, captioned, "He joins Rémy and Smila, our other cherished rescues from May 2022.

If Lotus seems familiar, well, there's a good reason for that."

Samantha's Surprise Series Callback

For fans of the show, Lotus, as Shoe, is rescued by the character Che, portrayed by Sara Ramirez. Eventually, Carrie Bradshaw brings him into her new Manhattan abode.

As season 2 of the series concluded recently, fans were treated to an unexpected albeit brief appearance from Kim Cattrall's character, Samantha Jones. Samantha reaches out to Carrie from London, expressing her intentions of returning to NYC for a nostalgic goodbye to her former apartment.

However, travel delays thwart her plans. Over the phone, a sentimental Samantha bids her adieu to the "f---ing fabulous flat." The sudden reappearance of Samantha garnered much attention. Kristin Davis, not only an actor on the series but also an executive producer alongside Parker and Cynthia Nixon, mentioned in a chat with EW, "We understand the fans' love and longing for Samantha.

It felt right to give this to them." Nixon, however, expressed regret over the premature leak about Cattrall's cameo, mentioning their concerted efforts to keep it under wraps. The thrill, as Nixon pointed out, would've been in the complete surprise of seeing Samantha once more.

When Cattrall sat down with Today, she emphasized that this cameo might be her only return, even with the renewal of the series for a third season. She poignantly stated, "Samantha will always hold a special place in my heart.

Like many characters I've portrayed over the years, she's one I hold close. I'm profoundly grateful for all she has brought to my life."