Bianca Censori, Kanye's Wife, Continually Spotted in See-Through Attire"

Exploring Kanye's signature fashion statements in recent outings.

by Nouman Rasool
Bianca Censori, Kanye's Wife, Continually Spotted in See-Through Attire"
© Julien Hekimian/GettyImages

Kanye West and Bianca Censori, his companion since his split from Kim Kardashian, have been the talk of the town, especially in picturesque Italy. Paparazzi have had a field day with Censori, not just because of her association with the iconic rapper but also due to her distinct choice in attire.

Unlike many celebrities who vary their wardrobes, Censori appears to have a preference for see-through clothing, reminiscent of the styles once endorsed by Kim Kardashian through her brand, Skims. A glance at recent photographs circulating on various media platforms reveals Censori's penchant for sheer tops and thigh-high outfits in diverse hues, frequently complemented by towering heels.

More often than not, she forgoes traditional undergarments, taking a bold approach to fashion.

Kanye's Consistent Monochrome Style

As for Kanye, he’s demonstrated a penchant for monochromatic dressing, frequently donning all-black ensembles.

Whether it's a black sweatshirt and pants or soleless shoes, Kanye's sartorial choices rarely waver. On occasion, he's even been seen embracing the barefoot look. Jason Lee, fashion commentator and host of 'Hollywood Unlocked', shared his insights with Page Six, saying, "The mere fact that Kanye's feet are drawing attention speaks volumes about his enduring influence, even amidst waves of cancel culture.

It's a calculated move. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next footwear appearance features a design of his own making." Fashion analysts and celebrity watchers theorize that Censori's dramatic style shift coincided with her deepening relationship with Kanye West.

A testament to this transformation is a fan-made video comparing Bianca's looks pre and post her association with West. The duo, making headlines for their unique style choices, also garnered attention for their non-legally binding wedding ceremony in January.

This union came shortly after Kanye’s official divorce from Kim Kardashian. Through every up and down, including controversies that saw Kanye in the midst of significant financial and reputational losses, Censori has stood steadfast by the 'College Dropout' rapper's side.