Netflix's Million-Dollar Deal Silences Prince Harry on 'Sensitive' Issue

Royal Views: Prince Harry's Reaction to 'The Crown' Depiction

by Zain ul Abedin
Netflix's Million-Dollar Deal Silences Prince Harry on 'Sensitive' Issue
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After a recent setback in June following the collapse of their Spotify partnership, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to have found a more stable footing with their upcoming ventures on Netflix. However, a brewing controversy surrounds Prince Harry's silence over an impending Netflix series that touches on a deeply sensitive subject.

The streaming giant is capitalizing on the immense popularity of its fictional portrayal of the Royal Family in "The Crown," a show that has garnered significant attention. The forthcoming sixth season of the series will delve into a pivotal moment in Royal history—the tragic car crash that claimed the life of Princess Diana.

While the show's executive producers assure a delicate treatment of the topic, questions have arisen over Prince Harry's apparent reluctance to address this matter.

Accusations of Hypocrisy: Prince Harry's Silence

GB News commentator Patrick Christys has labeled Prince Harry a "hypocrite" for his silence regarding the sensitive scene.

Christys pointed out that Prince Harry had expressed his affinity for "The Crown" during an appearance on James Corden's show, just before the release of Netflix's own docuseries featuring the couple. Christys emphasized that many viewers perceive the events depicted in "The Crown" as factual, underscoring the impact such portrayals can have on public perception.

Royal expert Charles Rae chimed in, suggesting that Prince Harry's muted response might be tied to his lucrative million-dollar contract with Netflix. Rae indicated that he finds it unlikely for Prince Harry to criticize the series, given his financial ties to the platform.

He remarked, "I very much doubt that he will [speak out], remember, he is still being paid a lot of money by Netflix. I would be very surprised if he is critical of it." Rae further delved into the issue, pointing out the potential hypocrisy in Prince Harry's stance.

While he has readily voiced opinions on various topics, he appears reticent in this instance due to financial considerations. Rae highlighted the apparent confluence of Prince Harry's outspokenness on other matters and his financial dependence on Netflix.

The controversy surrounding Prince Harry's silence sheds light on the complex interplay between personal values, public perception, and financial arrangements in the realm of celebrity partnerships. As the public awaits Prince Harry's potential response, the underlying implications of this situation underscore the multifaceted challenges faced by public figures engaged in media collaborations.

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