Donald Trump Denies Foul Play After Besting Mickelson's Score

Former President showcases his golfing prowess once again.

by Nouman Rasool
Donald Trump Denies Foul Play After Besting Mickelson's Score
© Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Former President Donald Trump, the 45th POTUS, recently took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to share his victory at the Senior Club Championship held at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. He posted an impressive score of 67, which was notably eight strokes better than the score pro-golfer Phil Mickelson had set just a fortnight before at the same venue.

At 77, Trump was well aware that his claim might raise some eyebrows, prompting him to assure his followers and critics that his score was legitimate. In his post, he stated, "For those interested, I'm elated to announce that I've won the Senior Club Championship at Bedminster.

While some might find my 67-round score hard to believe, let me assure you there's been no foul play. My round was observed by many, and the presence of Secret Service agents ensures transparency in such matters."

Trump Stresses Sporting Integrity

He further emphasized his integrity, adding, "It would be difficult to sway the score in one's favor, even if one wished to.

But that's not my style. I’ve always been a proficient golfer and athlete. Winning Club Championships isn't new to me, and it's always a moment of pride." To solidify his claim and possibly quell any skeptics, Trump also provided the contact details of the head professional at his Bedminster golf course, inviting anyone interested to verify his score directly.

It's noteworthy to mention that Trump's celebratory announcement came just two days after the release of his mug shot. The former president had voluntarily turned himself in, subsequently posting a bail of $200,000. Shortly after, he made a much-anticipated return to his previous social media haunt, Twitter. The juxtaposition of these events kept Trump firmly in the spotlight, a place he's no stranger to.

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