Steve Harvey's Social Media Manager Let Go Amid Divorce Speculation

Rumors Swirl: Celebrity Couple Faces Unverified Marital Discord Claims

by Zain ul Abedin
Steve Harvey's Social Media Manager Let Go Amid Divorce Speculation
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Renowned entertainer Steve Harvey has captured public attention on social media platform X (Twitter) for two distinct events that have rapidly gained traction. The first revolves around an apparent decision to part ways with his social media manager in light of a contentious tweet concerning comedians, while the second involves unverified rumors of his wife, Marjorie Bridges, being implicated in an extramarital affair.

The 66-year-old Harvey took to a video message on Friday evening to address the situation with his social media account. He expressed that a tweet from his account, encouraging followers to identify comedians whom they do not find amusing, was unauthorized and unaligned with his uplifting brand.

He shouldered responsibility for the incident, asserting, "I gotta take responsibility for it 'cause they work for me, but the engagement was talking about 'name a comedian you don't think is funny.' Why would I do something like that?" Harvey emphasized his commitment to positivity and motivation, asserting that such an action contradicted his ethos.

The comedian emphasized the importance of supporting emerging talents and disavowed the negative sentiment propagated by the tweet. Confronting the responsible individual, Harvey recounted a conversation where the employee cited the need for heightened engagement, prompting Harvey to jest that the person now required "employment."

Friend Refutes Divorce Allegations

In a separate development, unfounded reports emerged the following morning, insinuating marital discord between Harvey and Bridges.

Allegations of Bridges seeking divorce after purportedly engaging in an extramarital relationship with their chef and bodyguard circulated widely. However, these claims were swiftly challenged by Ned Nwoko, a self-described friend of Harvey's and a Nigerian businessman.

Nwoko categorically dismissed the cheating rumors, citing direct communication with Harvey himself. He decried the proliferation of misinformation in the digital age and reaffirmed the couple's unity. Nwoko asserted, "Fake news has been taken to new heights all over the world and this is so unfortunate.

We experience this practically every day and so when we read about our friend Steve Harvey and his lovely wife having issues, we had to contact Him and He confirmed that he and his wife are very much okay and it's all fake news and should be disregarded.

The family is happy together and we wish them all the best." The union between Steve and Marjorie, which was established in 2007, has remained untouched by the sensational but baseless allegations. As of now, both parties have refrained from issuing public responses to these claims.

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