Tom Brady Relishes Single Life, Shies Away from Tying the Knot with Irina Shayk

After a high-profile divorce, Tom Brady's romantic priorities shift.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady Relishes Single Life, Shies Away from Tying the Knot with Irina Shayk
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Amidst his involvement with supermodel Irina Shayk, Tom Brady is resolutely embracing his single status, showing no inclination towards embarking on another marital journey. This stance sharply contrasts the swirling speculations surrounding the NFL luminary's personal life, as per insiders who are privy to his inner circle.

As reported by, Shayk might face disappointment if she entertains the idea of exchanging vows with Brady. Those intimately acquainted with the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback have disclosed that his present focus isn't centered around settling down with Irina.

Rather, he appears more drawn to exploring diverse romantic avenues.

Post-Divorce Freedom: Brady's Romantic Outlook

This revelation arrives several months after Brady's divorce from his former spouse, Gisele Bundchen, attained official finality in October 2022.

As per a source cited by, post the closure of his chapter with Gisele, Brady seems disinclined to delve into a profound relationship with Shayk, favoring the preservation of his personal autonomy. In a prior instance, an exclusive report by in February detailed Tom Brady's concerted endeavor to salvage his marriage, a move that led to a temporary pause in his $375-million Fox Sports contract.

This deliberate step was purportedly underpinned by a desire to mend fences with his former wife after his laser focus on his football career had taken precedence over the relationship in recent years. Nonetheless, insiders hinted that Gisele had already made peace with the separation.

"Entering another marriage is the last thing on Tom's agenda," confided an insider. "He aimed to stir a sense of longing in Gisele and, judging by the feedback from their mutual acquaintances, the strategy was an unequivocal success." In the realm of high-profile personalities, Tom Brady's romantic trajectory remains a captivating subject, punctuated by twists and turns that keep both fans and pundits riveted.

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