Insider Insights: Prince Harry's Afghanistan Comrade Shares War Experiences

Prominent Veteran Reflects on Invictus Games' Inspirational Impact

by Zain ul Abedin
Insider Insights: Prince Harry's Afghanistan Comrade Shares War Experiences
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In a candid discussion on Good Morning Britain, Steve Sampher, an Army veteran who served alongside Prince Harry during their time in Afghanistan, shed light on the Duke of Suss*x's military journey. Sampher, who endured severe injuries, including a gunshot wound to the head and the loss of a leg, highlighted that Prince Harry was never treated with special treatment during his service.

The Duke's military tenure spanned a decade, during which he rose to the rank of Captain and participated in two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Notably, he spent four months as an Apache helicopter pilot between September 2012 and January 2013.

Sampher commended Prince Harry's dedication, emphasizing that he seamlessly blended in with fellow soldiers, even engaging in casual conversations in the cookhouse. Sampher also recounted the effectiveness of the Apache helicopters in deterring insurgents and creating a safer operational environment.

These aircraft, with their distinctive call signs, served as a powerful deterrent against adversaries, granting the troops more favorable conditions to execute their duties effectively.

Veteran Excited for Invictus Reunion

Looking ahead, Sampher eagerly anticipated reuniting with Prince Harry at the forthcoming Invictus Games.

As a participant in wheelchair rugby for Hull FC, Sampher expressed his enthusiasm for the event, which celebrates the achievements of injured service personnel and veterans. He attributed his robust training ethic to the enduring military values of purpose and belonging instilled during his service.

The upcoming Invictus Games hold special significance for Prince Harry, who founded the event in 2014. The Games, under the theme "A Home for Respect," are slated to feature over 550 athletes representing 21 nations competing across 10 sports.

Notably, this year's event holds added sentiment, as it marks the sixth installment and aligns with the first anniversary of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Regarding Prince Harry's participation, Omid Scobie, a close associate of the Suss*xes, confirmed that both Harry and Meghan Markle would attend the Games, with Meghan joining Harry for the closing ceremony.

Scobie shared that Meghan would join the competition later due to prior commitments in the US. Prince Harry's return to the UK, despite strained family relationships stemming from recent publications and media projects, underscores his dedication to charitable endeavors.

He is set to honor seriously ill children and their families at an awards ceremony hosted by the charity WellChild. The event precedes the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's passing and reinforces Harry's commitment to service even amidst personal challenges.

In essence, Steve Sampher's insights provide a nuanced perspective on Prince Harry's military involvement and ongoing dedication to charitable initiatives, illuminating the multi-faceted nature of his public role.

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