Baumgartner: $129K Monthly Support from Costner 'Insufficient

High-stakes celebrity split reveals opulent lifestyles.

by Nouman Rasool
Baumgartner: $129K Monthly Support from Costner 'Insufficient
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Amidst high-stakes celebrity divorces, Kevin Costner may be facing an even steeper bill than anticipated. Christine Baumgartner, the famed actor's soon-to-be ex-wife, is taking issue with the reported $129,000 monthly child support, deeming it inadequate for preserving their children's lavish standard of living.

Newly released legal papers, unveiled by TMZ last Friday, indicate that Baumgartner, aged 49, is pushing for Costner, now 68, to bump up the monthly support to approximately $175,057. This increase, she argues, is essential to ensure that their three children can enjoy a consistent lifestyle between both households.

Kids' Lavish Life with Costner

According to the documents, when the kids are with their father, they reside in a posh beachside estate, valued somewhere between $65 million and $95 million. Their time with Costner often involves luxury travel on private jets and sumptuous vacations.

Baumgartner asserts that this level of extravagance should be mirrored during the kids' time with her, even if it inadvertently boosts her own lifestyle. In defense of her request, she mentioned that such support aligns with California's family code.

While $175,000 might not replicate Costner's affluence entirely, Baumgartner believes it's ample to offer a parallel lifestyle for their children. Compounding the financial dispute, recent reports suggest that Baumgartner has accused the "Bodyguard" actor of withholding crucial evidence of his financial stature.

This revelation emerged from a filing in the California Superior Court earlier this week, as reported by People magazine. Interestingly, Baumgartner's legal counsel contends that Costner has been intentionally evasive, failing to provide requisite details prior to their upcoming child support hearing.

She recalls that during their prenuptial agreement in 2004, Costner declared assets worth $102,716,000. However, she now estimates his net worth to be close to a staggering $400 million, with liquid assets alone totaling around $24 million.

As a result, Baumgartner's attorneys have urged the court to mandate Costner's transparency regarding his financial ventures. In May, after a marriage spanning 18 years, Baumgartner initiated the divorce proceedings. The couple has three children together: Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13.