Chris Christie's Multi-Million Beach House Raises Questions

New Jersey's former governor unveils opulent beachfront abode.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Christie's Multi-Million Beach House Raises Questions
© Michael M. Santiago/GettyImages

In 2018, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie procured a beachfront property in Bay Head for $2.9 million. Not stopping there, he poured millions more into demolishing the original structure, erecting a more majestic residence in its place over the next four years.

The real estate's value has since soared, currently estimated at over $5.5 million on Zillow. While Christie's ambitions have recently shifted towards the White House, questions surround how the Republican candidate is financing such lavish expenses.

Since vacating the governor's seat, his official earnings seem hardly sufficient. The annual salary for a New Jersey governor stands at $175,000. An insider remarked, "It's puzzling how he maintains this upscale lifestyle post-governorship."

Christie's Luxurious Upgrade

Christie's new house, finalized in 2022, boasts an impressive 7,000 square feet of living space, a marked upgrade from the original 4,000 square-foot property.

This luxurious dwelling, which spans four floors, includes multiple balconies and a two-car garage. The former home's description painted a picture of a "summer haven with a sun-kissed sunroom and a serene backyard featuring a pool and spa." Interestingly, this house isn't far from the birthplace of Scientology and is a neighbor to a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member from one of Christie's cherished bands, The Record.

Though Christie publicly declared his initial home purchase as “nobody’s business” in 2016, his financial activities during his tenure as governor were more scrutinized. Documents reveal that his presidential campaign activities amounted to expenses of $193,890, borne by taxpayers.

Moreover, a legal challenge was once raised, alleging Christie unduly burdened New Jersey taxpayers with his security expenses during his presidential aspirations, though this case was eventually dropped. Post-governorship, Christie briefly joined ABC News and penned a book, "Let Me Finish", in 2019.

Amidst the 2020 pandemic, he embraced lobbying, earning $240,000 while representing medical establishments seeking federal assistance. Despite this new beachfront acquisition, the Christies continue to hold onto their primary 7,000-square-foot residence in Mendham. Acquired in 1998 for $775,000, this six-acre estate has appreciated to a present-day valuation of $2.1 million.

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