Tim McGraw: 'Standing Room Only' Album a "Blessing"

Tim McGraw reflects on musical growth and innovation.

by Nouman Rasool
Tim McGraw: 'Standing Room Only' Album a "Blessing"
© Frederick Breedon IV/GettyImages

Tim McGraw has just unveiled his sixteenth solo endeavor, Standing Room Only. In a recent candid discussion with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the country music sensation dove into various topics, ranging from his latest album, the essence of songwriting, to Jason Aldean's debated song and video, “Try That in a Small Town”.

Delving into the emotions behind his latest work, McGraw reflected, “Life is riddled with imperfections. We all falter, but it's about rebounding stronger each day”. He emphasized the therapeutic nature of music, saying, “Music, for me, is catharsis.

The beauty lies in articulating emotions, addressing your emotional baggage, and healing through melodies. It's truly a blessing”.

McGraw's Pursuit of Evolution

For McGraw, the quest for musical excellence is endless.

“If there ever comes a time when I feel stagnant, when I feel I've ceased to evolve musically, that will signal my curtain call. I’m driven by the desire to innovate, rather than repeating the same patterns”.

Expressing his reverence for songwriting, McGraw commented, “It’s an ever-evolving journey. Whether I'm the one crafting the lyrics or drawing inspiration from fellow songwriters, it's about unearthing that song infused with heart and soul.

Without a meaningful song, the essence is lost”. Reflecting on his life's blessings, he added, “Country music has shaped my life. It's the foundation of all my achievements. Songs are sacred, and without them, we're void”.

During the pandemic, McGraw found solace in his music, embarking on the recording of Standing Room Only. “It was a tumultuous time, especially with the release of my previous album Here on Earth right in the pandemic's eye”.

On being quizzed about Aldean's “Try That in a Small Town”, McGraw expressed his unfamiliarity with the track, but didn’t miss the opportunity to reminisce about his hometown. “The community I was part of was rich in diversity, full of remarkable individuals of all backgrounds.

My memories are predominantly positive, colored with unity and camaraderie,” McGraw fondly recollected. In this profound dialogue, Tim McGraw not only offers a glimpse into his world of music but also reflects on the universality of human experiences and the healing power of songs.