Bam Margera Gets Alcohol Monitor After Intoxication Arrest

Disturbance call unveils Margera's inebriated state.

by Nouman Rasool
Bam Margera Gets Alcohol Monitor After Intoxication Arrest
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Bam Margera, renowned for his association with the "Jackass" series, faces stringent new bail conditions, according to recent reports. A Chester County judge has ordered the 43-year-old stuntman to don a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) bracelet for a minimum of 30 days.

This decision stems from his recent public intoxication arrest and subsequent disorderly conduct. The Philadelphia Inquirer noted that if Margera can maintain a clean record, with no alcohol detected in his system for the prescribed period, the monitor may be taken off.

Furthermore, the court mandates his attendance at weekly Alcoholics Anonymous sessions and adherence to outpatient treatment recommendations.

Margera's Arrest at Radnor Hotel

This legal entanglement emerged after the Radnor Police Department received calls about a disagreement between a male and a female in the Radnor Hotel parking lot earlier this month.

Upon arrival, officers found Margera under the influence, with a blood-alcohol level of 0.18. He also confessed to cracking a car windshield with a forceful kick. While the former MTV star is required to stay in Philadelphia due to this incident, he also faces an unrelated assault case.

An altercation between Bam and his brother, Jesse, in April led to charges against Bam, including assault, harassment, and terroristic threats. However, recent negotiations with prosecutors resulted in the dismissal of two terroristic threat counts, even as accusations circulate of Bam threatening family members, including leaving Jesse a menacing message.

Jesse attributes Bam's outburst to discovering a text implying his need for mental health treatment. While Bam admitted to undergoing rehab in San Diego and residing with ex-NBA player Lamar Odom, sources close to Odom claim Margera had intentions of abandoning the program, even contemplating an escape to Las Vegas.

During a court hearing, the judge emphasized ensuring Bam's safety, to which Margera replied, emphasizing his desire to see his 5-year-old son, Phoenix. The narrative takes a darker turn as Margera was subjected to a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric evaluation in June, owing to an alarming episode in Los Angeles.

His personal life faces turmoil, with his wife, Nicole “Nikki” Boyd, seeking a legal separation due to irreparable differences. Boyd is now vying for the sole custody of their child, suggesting that Margera might only have supervised visits, contingent upon his rehabilitation.