Kevin Costner's Divorce Battle Intensifies Over Financial Disclosures


Kevin Costner's Divorce Battle Intensifies Over Financial Disclosures
Kevin Costner's Divorce Battle Intensifies Over Financial Disclosures © Getty Images Entertainment/David Livingston

Celebrity divorces often grab headlines, and the ongoing saga between Kevin Costner and his estranged wife, Christine, is no exception. Recent developments suggest the couple's divorce is becoming increasingly contentious, with accusations of withheld financial documents at the forefront.

Financial Revelations and Legal Tug-of-War

On August 21, in the California Superior Court, Christine Costner's legal team filed a request for order, procured by PEOPLE, pushing for Kevin to reveal documentation concerning his business ventures.

Christine, 49, believes Kevin, 68, is "withholding" critical financial evidence as their divorce continues to unfold. Under the terms of their pre-existing agreement, Christine is slated to receive a $1.5 million payout. She, however, expressed earlier that she felt "pressured" into this agreement.

Furthermore, Christine was granted a provisional $129,755 monthly in child support in a previous ruling. Christine’s attorney elucidated the situation in the court documents, stating: “Kevin has called for an extended evidentiary hearing on Christine’s plea for child support.

The Court will review Kevin’s current financial assets for support, along with prospective earnings. Additionally, there's a request for a trial focusing on the authenticity of the couple's Premarital Agreement. The fairness of this agreement will hinge on its terms juxtaposed with the duo's existing financial situation." Yet, a looming challenge for Christine is that any information Kevin decides not to disclose remains inaccessible.

As put forth by her attorney, “[Christine] will be unable to present any evidence that [Kevin] has chosen to withhold from discovery”.

Costner's Stance on the Issue

To shed light on Kevin's perspective, Christine’s legal team attached Kevin's response to their plea for document production, penned on June 30.

Kevin's legal representative took exception to the request, emphasizing the existence of a premarital accord. The document from Kevin's team asserted: “This Request aims to obtain documents that are not pertinent since the couple had a Premarital Agreement.

This accord limits spousal assistance and states any income accrued during their union would exclusively belong to the spouse who earned it. It also establishes a lack of community property”.

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