Kanye West Sets Sights on the Oval Office Once More


Kanye West Sets Sights on the Oval Office Once More
Kanye West Sets Sights on the Oval Office Once More © Getty Images Entertainment/Jacopo M. Raule

Rapper, fashion mogul, and ever-constant headline maker, Kanye West, has reignited his presidential aspirations. Despite his previous unsuccessful bid, West is gearing up for another shot at the White House in 2024.

A Renewed Vision

It's evident that Kanye West isn't one to easily let go of his dreams.

According to The Sun, while the musician is currently unwinding on a vacation in Italy, the political arena beckons. A close insider was quoted saying, "He's brought in Dov to help run Yeezy, and has given Bianca a lot of responsibility so he can focus on his 2024 presidential campaign." The same source sheds light on West's newfound approach to the upcoming campaign. "Despite not being very successful last time, he's taken a break from being so public, and he's in a much better place after his divorce from Kim was finalised." The sentiments echoed are that this time around, West's campaign "is structured and will be well-executed in the upcoming months."

Kanye's New Cornerstone: Bianca Censori

Recent developments in West's life have been notable.

As the world knows, his divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian signaled the end of an era. Speaking to The Sun, an insider revealed, "[His divorce] shows that he is human and vulnerable." The spotlight is now firmly fixed on Bianca Censori, who is poised to play a pivotal role not just in West's life but his political ambitions as well.

Dubbed by the same source as "unorthodox, intelligent, and supportive of him," Censori's candidature as the potential First Lady seems to have West's ringing endorsement. Censori's growing influence in West's sphere isn't confined to moral support alone.

She's been entrusted with a special power of attorney to oversee certain financial matters, marking a significant shift in responsibilities previously held by West's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Past Pursuits and the Road Ahead

Kanye's first tryst with politics was in 2020, a campaign that saw him personally spend an eye-watering $12.4 million. While the effort did not materialize into a significant political win, it set the stage for his current aspirations.

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