No Share for Sam Asghari in Britney Spears' $15M Memoir


No Share for Sam Asghari in Britney Spears' $15M Memoir
No Share for Sam Asghari in Britney Spears' $15M Memoir © Getty Images Entertainment/Kevin Winter

Pop icon Britney Spears, who recently landed a $15 million deal for her memoir, won't be sharing any of the proceeds with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Sam Asghari, according to inside sources at Page Six. The "Woman Inside Me", set for release on October 24, promises to give fans an unprecedented look into Spears' life, perhaps including some insight into the abrupt end of her 14-month marriage with Asghari.

Yet despite the potential revelations, Asghari will not earn a penny from the book's sales. Britney confessed to being "a bit shocked" by the unexpected split after being together for six years. However, the intricacies of their financial arrangements are just as surprising.

"Britney and Sam have a totally iron-clad prenup. He gets basically nothing — there are no millions, and he certainly will not profit from Britney’s book, that’s her book,” an insider revealed to Page Six.

This statement seemingly quashes prior reports suggesting Asghari was entitled to $1 million for every year they were married in case of a divorce.

Spears' Financial Ups and Downs Over the Years

This latest chapter in Spears' life comes on the heels of many public speculations about her financial status.

Britney Spears, who soared to fame in the 1990s, was once a major force in the music industry, garnering significant revenue from both her album sales and her elaborate tours. Yet, despite her early successes, a trusted source confided to Page Six that she faced financial turmoil during the period she was placed under a guardianship in 2008.

Further adding to her financial challenges, Spears has been committed to making substantial payments to Kevin Federline, another of her ex-husbands. These payments, aimed at supporting their sons, are expected to continue until the boys reach adulthood.

All eyes will be on Spears' memoir to see if it sheds further light on these topics and more. As fans and critics alike eagerly await its release, one thing remains certain: this is Britney's story to tell, and she is keeping full control of its narrative and its proceeds.

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