Drew Barrymore Startled by Unruly Fan During NYC Event

An evening's calm disrupted by an unexpected outburst.

by Nouman Rasool
Drew Barrymore Startled by Unruly Fan During NYC Event
© The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube

In an unexpected turn of events, renowned actress Drew Barrymore faced an alarming incident on Monday night at The 92nd Street Y in New York City. During a conversation with musician Reneé Rapp, an unruly fan interrupted the session, causing a significant disturbance.

While Barrymore was engrossed in answering an audience query, a man's voice reverberated through the hall, shouting her name and proclaiming, "You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while you're in New York… OK." Footage that later surfaced on social media captured the unnerving moment when this individual advanced towards the stage, attempting to get closer to the actress.

Disruption Shocks Event Attendees

The unexpected disruption was a shocking scene for those in attendance. The organizer of the event, in a conversation with Fox News Digital, shed some light on the sequence of events. They detailed how the man was initially perceived as a regular attendee trying to find his seat.

"He had a ticket for the event. But when he suddenly began yelling, that's when the alarms went off," the insider explained. Thanks to the swift action of the security, the situation was handled adeptly. Describing the scene, the organizer stated, "The guard immediately intervened.

He took the man, escorted him across the stage to the exit, and promptly ushered him out." Both Barrymore and Rapp were quick to exit the stage and headed to the green room, taking precautions. "They were instructed to go to the green room and remained there for about 10 minutes.

But once we reassured them of their safety, they were right back, and the show resumed," the source mentioned. Following the incident, representatives for Barrymore and Rapp remained unavailable for immediate comments. Nonetheless, the organizer emphasized that the actress was not in any imminent danger.

"He didn't threaten her. Drew expressed that this was a first-time experience for her, with someone behaving this way," the insider shared. Authorities were informed, but the man, surprisingly, was not detained. "We informed NYPD.

However, they noted that no tangible charges could be levied against him as he didn't resist or become aggressive," added the source. Rounding up the narration, the insider unveiled that this individual has a history of causing disturbances at celebrity events.

"Those familiar with him noted that he often seeks to garner the attention of celebrities, usually by trying to interrupt high-profile events." Drew Barrymore's resilience and the quick actions of security ensured that the evening continued without further hitches, emphasizing the importance of safety at public events.

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