Drake & Althoff's Rumored Feud: 'Move On'

Bobbi's candid chat with Drake sparks unexpected reactions.

by Nouman Rasool
Drake & Althoff's Rumored Feud: 'Move On'

From humble beginnings to the spotlight, Bobbi Althoff's sudden ascent into the limelight caught the attention of many. At just 26, the mom influencer found herself sharing an unconventional interview space—rap superstar Drake's bed, for her podcast, “The Really Good Podcast”.

Only a few months in since its inception in April, the podcast became a sensation, largely due to this unpredictable liaison. Their unlikely alliance, however, seems to have dissipated as swiftly as it emerged, following a peculiar discord possibly stemming from Drake’s concert in LA.

Speculation aside, Althoff’s decision to remove their shared interview from all streaming platforms, including her 714,000-follower-strong YouTube, only adds fuel to the rumored fire.

Althoff's Unconventional Drake Interview

The initial interview was, by no standards, ordinary.

Althoff candidly admitted to being oblivious of Drake's music and took jabs at his social media habits and even criticized him for drinking during their conversation. This approach, reminiscent of comic interviewers like Amelia Dimoldenberg and Ziwe, made waves, transforming Bobbi into an overnight celebrity.

While she continued engaging with celebrities, notably calling out Lil Yachty, whom Drake teased during their conversation, it's the sudden detachment from Drake that’s now grabbing headlines. Recently, Althoff was spotted at a Drake concert, her displeasure evident as she stood, arms folded, amidst a sea of dancing fans.

Captioning her mood on X (previously Twitter), she wrote, “Really in my element @ this guy’s concert”. Her sarcasm didn’t sit well with many, triggering a wave of criticism. Behind this viral sensation, lies Bobbi’s story of resilience and ambition.

Launching her podcast wasn't a walk in the park. Her creative offer of $300 to anyone connecting her with a celebrity guest led to her first major interview with comedian Rick Glassman. This strategy opened doors, including that of Funny Marco, a pivotal moment as Drake took notice.

The depth of her dedication became evident when she revealed sacrificing her daughter’s first birthday for the Drake interview. Addressing critics, she asserted her maternal instincts, justifying the miss as a professional commitment.

Rumors of her being an "industry plant" floated around, but Althoff quashed them. While acknowledging connections like those to Snoop Dogg via her father's professional network, she remains grounded. Married to Cory Althoff, with two children, she's hinted at aspirations in acting but remains prepared for any turn her life may take, indicating a grounded outlook.

With such a whirlwind journey, only time will tell what's next for Bobbi Althoff. Whether her feud with Drake is real or just another twist in her ever-evolving story, the world is watching with bated breath.