Kelly Clarkson's Family Duet in Vegas: Daughter Sings, Son Joins Stage


Kelly Clarkson's Family Duet in Vegas: Daughter Sings, Son Joins Stage
Kelly Clarkson's Family Duet in Vegas: Daughter Sings, Son Joins Stage

In a heartwarming scene during her Las Vegas residency, Grammy-winning artist Kelly Clarkson shared the stage with two treasured guests: her children, River Rose and Remington. The Friday night audience was privy to an emotional duet as Clarkson and her 9-year-old daughter performed the 2015 chartbuster "Heartbeat Song." The evening crescendoed as she and her 7-year-old son, Remington, grooved to the rhythms of "Whole Lotta Woman." Clarkson, who kicked off her Vegas residency a month ago, revealed to her ecstatic fans that both River Rose and Remington had expressed a wish to collaborate with their mother on stage.

"They asked if they could dance or sing alongside me," said Clarkson, who was obviously thrilled by the idea. "Which song would you like to pick?" she remembered inquiring.

River Rose's Heartfelt Debut

Elucidating on the choice of "Heartbeat Song," Clarkson mentioned its significance for her daughter.

"She's adored this track since her infancy. She was so enthusiastic, questioning, 'Can I vocalize this?' She even opted for her own ensemble," the pop icon informed. As River Rose made her entry, the auditorium resonated with applause.

The bond between the mother-daughter duo was palpable. They embraced, with Clarkson effusively stating, "You're resplendent!" Emotions peaked when a somewhat jittery River Rose vocalized with her mother, occasionally showcasing her enthusiasm by leaping during the chorus.

Clarkson's pride was evident, lauding her daughter's every note. As their performance concluded, the audience erupted in applause, with Clarkson praising her daughter's stellar show. While River Rose's debut showcased her budding talent, Remington's was a display of unabashed energy.

Despite initial reservations about dancing in front of a mammoth crowd, he displayed impressive moves, reminiscent of their home dance parties, described Clarkson. Their vibrant performance had Clarkson and her backup crew gleefully joining the dance, highlighting Remington's infectious enthusiasm.

Post performance, a beaming Clarkson elevated Remington, evoking a hearty cheer from the audience. Their mutual pride and joy were unmistakable as the duo exited the stage, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all present.

Kelly Clarkson

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