Marcus Jordan: Wedding to Larsa Pippen Planned, Despite Dad's Objections


Marcus Jordan: Wedding to Larsa Pippen Planned, Despite Dad's Objections

Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, and Larsa Pippen, renowned star of the "Real Housewives of Miami," have set their sights on tying the knot. Their romantic intentions come under the spotlight amidst murmurs about Michael Jordan's possible disapproval.

Speaking candidly to TMZ on Thursday, Marcus Jordan hinted that preparations for the big day are underway. “We are currently scouting out locations,” he revealed. As for an exact date, the 32-year-old optimistically commented, “It’s in the works”.

While the couple has not yet made any official announcements regarding their engagement, Larsa Pippen fueled speculation during a recent evening out in West Hollywood. As they departed from their dinner venue, observers noted a glittering ring adorning Pippen's finger.

Larsa's Past Marriage and Challenges

Larsa Pippen's history with matrimony dates back to 1997 when she wed Scottie Pippen. However, the pair, parents to Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia, decided to end their almost two-decade-long union, finalizing their divorce in 2021.

Following this separation, Larsa found love with Marcus in 2022. Their budding romance wasn’t without its challenges, as evidenced when Michael Jordan publicly shared his reservations. Responding to inquiries in July, the basketball icon bluntly expressed his disapproval with a succinct “No!” The reasons behind Michael's unease might trace back to his alleged rift with Scottie Pippen, his former teammate from the Chicago Bulls era.

Speaking on the “Separation Anxiety” podcast, Larsa speculated that this history played a role in Michael's stance, admitting, “It’s probably odd for him. While I understand where he's coming from, it was quite a shock”.

Despite the friction, Marcus seemed to be taking things in stride. Recalling the incident, he humorously mentioned brushing off his father's public remarks and even mentioned receiving a subsequent message from Michael, clarifying he meant no harm.

Both Larsa and Marcus addressed the significant age gap in their relationship in the same podcast episode. “The idea that outsiders presume to know our relationship dynamic is bewildering,” Larsa said in June. Emphasizing the importance of character over age, she noted that maturity and experience were paramount in a partner.

Marcus echoed these sentiments, praising Larsa's warmth and understanding, “Your life's experiences have endowed you with a unique tenderness and affection that I cherish daily, in spite of our age difference."