Oliver Anthony’s Overnight Ascent: The New Face of Working-Class Anthems?

Despite soaring fame, Anthony remains enigmatic and fan-focused.

by Nouman Rasool
Oliver Anthony’s Overnight Ascent: The New Face of Working-Class Anthems?

Within days, the virtually unknown Oliver Anthony's working-class ballad, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” transformed from an internet trend to an undeniable country sensation. Drawing upon the singer's grievances about toiling tirelessly only to see his income absorbed by taxes, the song resonates with millions, evident from its rapid rise on social media platforms and music charts.

Anthony's song captured hearts and ire alike, with controversial lyrics referring to politicians and their policies, welfare system loopholes, and subtle hints about scandals like the notorious Jeffrey Epstein case. This anthem has found advocates in conservative figures such as US Rep.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and commentator Matt Walsh, further fueling its popularity.

Anthony Shuns Spotlight, Credits Fans

However, CNN's attempts to connect with Anthony have remained unanswered. Eschewing the limelight, he instead lauds his expansive fan base, attributing the song’s success to their shared struggles rather than his own musical prowess.

From his origins as a self-proclaimed factory worker from Virginia, Anthony’s trajectory into stardom is intriguing. Previously, using his real name, Christopher Anthony Lunsford, he filmed himself singing self-penned songs with a mobile device.

Despite the limited traction these songs received, Anthony's tale pivoted dramatically when RadioWV uploaded a video of him performing “Rich Men North of Richmond”. It marked the first time he used professional recording equipment.

Prior to the song's release, Anthony shared an earnest introduction video, which has since garnered substantial attention. The song reflects his experiences as a factory worker in Western North Carolina and appears to be a dig at Washington, DC politicians.

Notably, Anthony’s song has attracted endorsements from prominent conservative figures. But for Anthony, the politics is not as clear-cut. In a video, he claimed a centrist political stance, critical of both left and right.

The singer turned his digital success into a live performance in Currituck, North Carolina, drawing hundreds of eager fans. Despite the skyrocketing fame, Anthony’s sentiments remain humble, hinting at his discomfort with the stardom and the divisive nature of the internet.

Country music has long embraced working-class narratives, with legendary figures like Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash penning songs rooted in their humble beginnings. Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” takes its place in this lineage, although its overtly political undertones distinguish it.

Despite its resounding success and the accompanying whirlwind of fame, Anthony remains circumspect, expressing a desire to remain out of the spotlight. His songs, he believes, connect profoundly because they are raw reflections of shared experiences.