Leviss: Sandoval Offered 'Vanderpump' Producer Role, I've Seen Nothing

Financial woes plague Leviss amid show's controversial narrative.

by Nouman Rasool
Leviss: Sandoval Offered 'Vanderpump' Producer Role, I've Seen Nothing

Rachel "Raquel" Leviss has recently cast doubt over the authenticity of the so-called "Scandoval" affair involving her and Tom Sandoval, co-star on the reality show "Vanderpump Rules." In an episode of Bethenny Frankel’s “Just B” podcast, Leviss alluded to the possibility that Sandoval might have been unduly rewarded by the show’s producers.

She disclosed, “Earlier this year, Sandoval shared with me that during negotiations for Season 11, he was presented with an offer for a producer credit. Though he’s been an integral part of the series since its inception, this new role seemed a tad uncharacteristic”.

Bravo countered Leviss’s assertion by clarifying to Page Six that Sandoval was never formally offered a producer's role for the eleventh season. The network also stated that he held no sway over the show’s editing processes throughout its run.

Leviss Questions 'Scandoval' Profits

Leviss, now 28, conveyed her financial struggles to Frankel, claiming she had not financially benefited from the explosive revelations, despite Sandoval allegedly receiving perks. She questioned the narrative of the "Scandoval" affair, saying, “The way this whole situation is unraveling makes me wonder if it was all just a crafted story for the show”.

The show's executive producer, Lisa Vanderpump, refuted Leviss's financial woes, revealing that she pocketed a whopping $361,000 from Season 10 alone. The drama heightened when it was confirmed that Leviss would not be gracing the screens for the show’s eleventh season.

An anonymous source cited her focus on mental well-being as the primary reason for her departure, especially following her stint at a mental health institution in Arizona. This news surfaced following Leviss’s highly-publicized affair with Sandoval, despite him being involved with Ariana Madix at the time.

This saga, which the fans dubbed "Scandoval," had the show’s producers rushing to capture every moment, leading to a tense three-episode reunion in May where details of their relationship were ruthlessly dissected by their peers.

While the scandal was lucrative for the network and perhaps other cast members, Leviss lamented to Frankel that she hadn't profited from the situation. She expressed, “My on-camera errors are now immortalized, and while everyone else seems to profit, I'm left bearing the brunt, both financially and reputationally”.

In juxtaposition to her claims of debt, Vanderpump disclosed that Leviss had indeed earned a substantial amount, notably from the tenth season. The veracity of Leviss's claims continues to be a point of contention.