Beth Behrs' Nail Gun Use Alarms 'Secret Celebrity Renovation' Crew: Sneak Peek!


Beth Behrs' Nail Gun Use Alarms 'Secret Celebrity Renovation' Crew: Sneak Peek!

In a forthcoming episode of the popular home makeover show "Secret Celebrity Renovation," actress Beth Behrs takes a hands-on approach to the renovation process. Set to air on Friday, August 18, an exclusive preview provided to Us Weekly showcases the 37-year-old actress embracing her DIY spirit alongside the show’s experienced team, interior designer Sabrina Soto and general contractor “Boston Rob” Mariano.

Behrs, best known for her comedic roles, ventured out of her comfort zone as she attempted to use power tools for some demolition work. In one particularly intriguing moment from the sneak peek, Mariano, aged 47, offers guidance to Behrs on operating a buzz saw.

As the saw whirs to life, Mariano teases, “Come on, Beth — power tools. Your husband will hate this”. He alludes to Michael Gladis, Behrs’ spouse since 2018. Unfazed by the challenge of handling the potentially intimidating tool, Behrs confidently retorts, “But I’m gonna love it”.

Behrs' Buzz Saw Enthusiasm

After successfully maneuvering the buzz saw, the radiant joy is evident on the actress's face. Elated by the newfound experience, she exclaims, “I want one! Can I have one at my house?” Her enthusiasm, though infectious, was met with a light-hearted caution from Soto, who quips, “Maybe not yet”.

The exchange reflects the show’s essence, blending moments of fun with the earnest task of home renovations. The upcoming episode promises viewers an entertaining juxtaposition as Behrs, who is often seen gracing screens in polished roles, rolls up her sleeves and gets entrenched in the nitty-gritty world of home refurbishing.

The camaraderie between the actress and the professional team is palpable, offering a fresh perspective on the collaborative efforts behind the scenes of "Secret Celebrity Renovation." Fans and home renovation enthusiasts alike are now eagerly anticipating the episode, curious to see the full extent of Behrs' contributions to the transformation and the ensuing reactions from the show's veteran renovators.