Halle Berry Marks 57th with Glimpses of Grown-Up Nahla

Amidst birthday celebrations, a surprising observation steals the spotlight.

by Nouman Rasool
Halle Berry Marks 57th with Glimpses of Grown-Up Nahla

In a delightful celebration of her 57th birthday, Hollywood star Halle Berry chose to channel her “inner Barbie” with a visit to the World of Barbie, accompanied by her daughter, Nahla, and boyfriend, Van Hunt.

Taking to Instagram to share snippets from the day, Berry enthusiastically wrote, “My mini me (but not so mini anymore) and my VanO whisked me away to the World of Barbie for my special day!” she exclaimed. “The love and joy you bring into my life are incomparable…thank you!”

Stars Marvel at Nahla's Growth

Many of Berry's A-list friends, like Julianne Moore, took to the comments section not only to extend their warm wishes but also to remark on Nahla’s striking growth.

Moore exclaimed, “She’s so tall!” referring to the 15-year-old. The rare photographs showed Berry's teenager with her back turned, ensuring her face remained unseen. Dressed in a graceful pink corset dress with matching heels, Nahla confidently strolled beside her mother and Hunt.

Her vibrant pink-dyed hair and coordinating purse drew further attention. Berry, the Academy Award-winning actress, sported a chic pink dress for the occasion. She accented her look with sunglasses, dazzling cowboy boots, and an endearing heart-shaped rainbow purse.

Complementing the theme, Hunt sported a pink t-shirt coupled with a backpack shaped like a bear, echoing the Barbie motif. Berry and Hunt, who made their relationship public in 2020, have been the talk of Tinseltown. While Nahla is Berry's daughter with former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, she is also the loving mother to 9-year-old son Maceo, from her relationship with Olivier Martinez.

Despite being a celebrity, Berry has always maintained discretion about her children's online presence. Nahla’s pictures are a rare find on her social media. Earlier this year, the “Cloud Atlas” star tenderly commemorated Nahla’s 15th birthday with a heartfelt post, expressing, “Nahla is one of the universe's most precious gifts to me.

Radiating as the perpetual sun and the enduring moon in my life”. She invited followers to celebrate, concluding, “Happy 15th Birthday to my sweet angel”. As Berry embraces another year, she candidly discussed her experiences with Women’s Health, noting her journey through menopause and proudly claiming her womanhood.

"At this stage in my life, I’m at my best," Berry stated emphatically. "I'm rooted in who I am, with so much more to offer the world."