Kingston Rocks Shelton's Bar: Stefani's Son Proves Musical Mettle

Duo's harmonious performance stirs nostalgia and showcases talent.

by Nouman Rasool
Kingston Rocks Shelton's Bar: Stefani's Son Proves Musical Mettle

When you're born into a family steeped in musical talent, it's almost inevitable that you might carry a tune or two of your own. This proved true for Kingston Rossdale, the 17-year-old son of pop icon Gwen Stefani and rock frontman Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

On a recent Friday evening, Kingston did more than just turn heads; he left locals in awe with his unanticipated performance at Ole Red, a renowned Oklahoma music venue owned by none other than his stepfather, country superstar Blake Shelton.

A trending TikTok video captures the youthful Rossdale engaging with the crowd, his infectious charisma evident even before he begins his song. As he melodiously sang, it became undeniable that his parents' musical prowess courses through his veins.

The emotion and vocal strength he displayed seemed years beyond his age. At the end of his heartfelt performance, a visibly proud Shelton embraced his stepson, cementing the unforgettable moment. "Love you guys, thank you for being here!" An elated Kingston expressed, his gratitude palpable.

"Your support means the world to me. I genuinely hope you had a fantastic evening."

Stefani and Shelton's Musical Night

The night was a celebration of family and music. Both Stefani and Shelton, who exchanged vows in 2021, graced the stage.

Stefani revisited her roots, performing No Doubt's classic "Don't Speak", with Shelton complementing her powerful vocals with his guitar skills. Ole Red in Tishomingo isn't just any venue. It carries a special significance for the duo.

Both Stefani and Shelton have a deep connection to the town, sharing property, the Ten Point Ranch. Their story traces back to NBC's "The Voice". Shelton once confessed to EW about the show, "I have countless memories, but the most treasured one? Meeting my wife." While Stefani and Gavin Rossdale parted ways in 2015 after a 13-year marriage, they co-parent three sons: Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

Stefani, who skyrocketed to fame with No Doubt, has been a force in the solo music scene since 2004. Her latest chart-topping single, "True Babe," is a testament to her enduring musical journey, having been released earlier this summer.