Zuckerberg Challenges Elon's Claims

Tech titans spar beyond boardrooms, hinting at physical duel.

by Nouman Rasool
Zuckerberg Challenges Elon's Claims

The world was abuzz when Facebook's metamorphosis into Meta came along, but it seems another transformation is on the horizon, one of a physical nature. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, took to Threads, hinting at his readiness for a face-off with Tesla and SpaceX's Elon Musk.

Yet, he stressed that unless he confirms it, any purported date for this duel should be treated as mere speculation. The feud gained traction on Friday morning when Musk tweeted about a potential live-streamed face-off on his platform, X, and “Meta”, hinting at an "ancient Rome" backdrop.

This claim, however, quickly met skepticism. Italy’s Culture Minister was swift to deny that such an event would take place in Rome. Zuckerberg, surprised by the particulars, addressed the claims, “I have been poised for this since Elon's challenge.

But until you hear a date from me, consider Musk's words as yet to be finalized”.

Musk-Zuckerberg Bout in Limbo

It was Musk, in fact, who floated this idea of a mano-a-mano bout back in June. Zuckerberg, known recently for his inclination towards martial arts and his endeavors in Jiu Jitsu, was instantly all in.

Despite this enthusiasm, the actual event seems to be in limbo. Zuckerberg had reportedly proposed August 26th for this clash of titans. Yet, with Musk's recent revelation of needing recovery time from a minor shoulder surgery, the world might be kept on tenterhooks a tad longer.

However, this delay doesn’t mean Zuckerberg isn’t keen on showcasing his combat skills. He alluded to an upcoming fight, whether Musk partakes or not, saying, “I'm not idly waiting for Elon. I’ll divulge my next fight specifics when the time feels right.

It’s essential for me that when I step into that ring, it’s not just about me, but to highlight the prowess of top-tier fighters. Collaboration with esteemed organizations like UFC or ONE is the route to ensuring a commendable match”.

To further underline his commitment, Zuckerberg gave fans a sneak peek, sharing a snapshot from a rigorous training session, right in his very own backyard octagon. The tech world is no stranger to rivalry, but this promises to be one for the ages.