Tyrese Gibson Sues Home Depot, Pledges to Empower the Voiceless

Recent events thrust Gibson into a high-stakes legal battle.

by Nouman Rasool
Tyrese Gibson Sues Home Depot, Pledges to Empower the Voiceless

In a riveting update to his followers, Tyrese Gibson, the renowned actor from the Fast and Furious franchise, recently elucidated on his lawsuit against Home Depot, a response to an alleged racial profiling incident that transpired in one of its stores.

Taking to his Instagram on Friday, Gibson shared a video clip that provides a glimpse into the event. The footage reveals the actor passionately communicating with store employees, seeking clarity on their policies related to the incident.

Earlier in February, videos capturing this unsettling incident had already begun circulating online.

Gibson's Team Alleges Discrimination

Gibson's post wasn't limited to just the video. Accompanying it was a statement from his team, addressing the racial profiling and overt discrimination they allege they encountered.

This situation has now escalated into a joint class lawsuit, in which Gibson and other plaintiffs are pursuing damages to the tune of $450 million. "Craftsmen Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez, both pillars of my team, have tirelessly turned my visions into reality for more than ten years," Gibson expressed.

He further accentuated their collective devotion to civil rights, emphasizing the values of empathy and understanding. "In our united stance against Home Depot," Gibson articulated, "our aim is to build a future devoid of discriminatory business practices and racial profiling for consumers." Gibson went on to reiterate his enduring commitment to championing the marginalized.

"My dedication over the last two decades has been unwavering. I'm resolute in leveraging my influence to uplift the voiceless, nurture unity, and provide hope, always striving to pave our collective way forward." This revelation comes after the actor lodged an official complaint at the L.A.

Superior Court against Home Depot. The document recounts that during a visit to the West Hills, California branch on February 11th, Gibson, along with Mora and Hernandez, allegedly underwent "blatant discriminatory mistreatment." While the trio has set their sights on a $1 million compensation—reflecting Gibson's estimated total expenditure at the chain over the years—they also seek statutory and punitive damages, attorney fees, and a judgment acknowledging the violation of California's Unruh Civil Rights Act.

In response, a Home Depot representative stated to EW, "Our foundational values underscore diversity and respect for everyone. We staunchly oppose discrimination. We hold Mr. Gibson in high regard as a valued patron. Over the past months, we've approached him and his legal team multiple times, striving to address and resolve his apprehensions. We're committed to persisting in these efforts."