Rebel Wilson gives update about her on-set injury: ‘It was such a shock’

Amidst on-set challenges, Wilson showcases unparalleled resilience.

by Nouman Rasool
Rebel Wilson gives update about her on-set injury: ‘It was such a shock’

Rebel Wilson, the esteemed actress known for her roles in movies like "Bridesmaids", is currently on the road to recovery after an unfortunate accident on set necessitated she receive stitches. This incident took place while she was immersed in the filming process in the picturesque city of Savannah, Georgia.

She took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to provide her fans and well-wishers an update on her condition. In the candid video she shared, the injury to her nose was clearly visible, bearing testimony to the severity of the accident.

At the start of the video, with her signature warmth, Wilson expressed, “I just wanted to say thank you for all your well wishes”. Her gratitude towards her supportive fan base was evident.

Wilson's Remarkable Recovery

Delving further into her recovery, the actress optimistically mentioned, “I’ve actually been healing quite amazingly”.

As she gave viewers a closer look at the wound, she informed them, “The stitches have dissolved out from my on-set accident last week”. This fast recovery, despite the striking nature of the injury, is surely a testament to her resilience.

Detailing the events leading to the accident, Wilson shared that she had been engaged in filming multiple intense "kick-a** fight sequences" for an upcoming independent action film. Intriguingly, these sequences are permissible during the current writers and actors strikes, which suggests the importance of the sequences to the film's narrative.

The accident occurred during what was supposed to be her final scene in the movie. Unfortunately, during a particularly riveting fight scene, she was inadvertently struck in the face with the butt of a gun. The suddenness of the impact took Wilson by surprise.

“It was such a shock,” she admitted, still recalling the unexpected turn of events. However, in her typical spirited fashion, she assured her fans towards the end of her update that she’s now “all good”, showcasing her indomitable spirit and dedication to her craft.

Rebel Wilson