Tim McGraw: 27-Year Marriage to Faith Hill Strengthened by This Song


Tim McGraw: 27-Year Marriage to Faith Hill Strengthened by This Song

Tim McGraw, the renowned country music star, has shared a playful secret behind his enduring 27-year marriage to Faith Hill, captivating fans and couples alike. During a hush-hush invite-only performance at Whisky a Go Go to herald his forthcoming "Standing Room Only" tour, McGraw got candid about their romantic journey.

The probing question of the evening was, unsurprisingly, about the song that kindled their romance. Responding to Yahoo Entertainment, McGraw, with a touch of hesitancy said, “It’s ‘Samba Pa Ti’ by Santana.

That instrumental is our song”. He recalled with humor, “I probably should keep this to myself. I hope Faith forgives me!”

Uncle Hank's Romantic Warning

Interestingly, McGraw's exposure to the evocative 1970 Santana track came from an unexpected source — his uncle Hank, a self-proclaimed hippie residing in Napa Valley.

Hank had advised him on the powerful impact of the song, jesting that one shouldn’t get intimate to this song "unless you plan to walk down the aisle”. McGraw quipped, “Well, I heeded that advice. Until I didn’t.

And here we are!” The dynamic duo, who dazzled audiences in “1883” last year, cherish a blessed family with daughters Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey. As McGraw light-heartedly put it, “Considering the showbiz world we inhabit, our 27 years feel more like 92!

It's reminiscent of dog years”. With their daughters now navigating adulthood, the couple is basking in what McGraw jovially refers to as their “second honeymoon”. Their stint on the “Yellowstone” prequel, “1883,” marked their on-screen debut as a couple.

Despite initial apprehensions, they were determined to do justice to their roles. Hill shared how the duo strived for authenticity, avoiding rehearsing together to preserve the raw spontaneity of their scenes. “It was the only way for it to be fresh, present, real, and authentic, especially when you know someone so well,” she mused.

Fans eagerly await McGraw's upcoming "Standing Room Only," his 17th studio album, slated for release on Aug. 25. His enduring passion for music seems to mirror the steadfast love he shares with Hill, and the industry waits with bated breath to witness what else the couple will unveil.