Harry & Meghan Acquire Novel Reflecting Their Story: Report

Echoes of the past resonate in new film project.

by Nouman Rasool
Harry & Meghan Acquire Novel Reflecting Their Story: Report

In their quest for a successful Hollywood venture after multiple unsuccessful endeavors, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have found their next big project. As disclosed by The Sun, the couple has secured the screen rights for the bestseller "Meet Me at the Lake," authored by Carley Fortune.

Their vision? Adapting it into a Netflix feature film. The romance novel, having graced The New York Times bestsellers list for six consecutive weeks since its debut in May, follows the journey of a woman in her thirties. Her life takes an unexpected turn after a tragic car accident claims her mother's life, leading her down a path of love and self-discovery.

Drawing on themes centered around childhood traumas, such as the heart-wrenching loss of a parent in an accident, the narrative delves deep into issues related to mental health and post-natal depression, as per Deadline's report.

Art Reflects Harry's Reality

Interestingly, the plot holds a mirror to certain aspects of Harry's life. The tragic demise of Princess Diana in a 1997 car accident in Paris has been a haunting memory for him. Furthermore, both Harry and Meghan, now aged 38 and 42 respectively, began their romantic journey in their 30s.

Meghan's role in "Suits," filmed in Canada, played a pivotal role in their initial interactions. Speculations suggest that the acquisition, brokered with Penguin Random House, could have amounted to a whopping $4 million. A notable addition to their Hollywood portfolio, the purchase follows their Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan" from 2022, which delved into their royal life and relationship dynamics.

Harry's memoir "Spare," launched in January, was yet another endeavor in the narrative realm. A close source confided in The Sun, highlighting the novel's thematic resonance with the duo. "The book's deep emotional themes immediately drew them in, making it an ideal choice for their inaugural Netflix adaptation," they shared.

Their much-publicized $100 million contract with Netflix in 2020 envisioned a diverse content spectrum – ranging from documentaries, children’s programming to docuseries. Yet, numerous concepts struggled to see the light of day.

But this novel might not be their only ongoing Netflix collaboration. A Page Six leak in June hinted at Harry's aspirations for an Africa-set documentary. Notwithstanding these prospects, recent times saw a few career hiccups for the couple.

Their Spotify collaboration, valued at $20 million in 2020, concluded without a renewal for Meghan’s podcast, "Archetypes." This podcast featured celebrities like Serena Williams and Andy Cohen. Moreover, rumors of Meghan aligning with Dior for a mega-deal were swiftly refuted by insiders at the iconic fashion label.