Angus Cloud's Mom: Overdose Likely Accidental, Not Suicide


Angus Cloud's Mom: Overdose Likely Accidental, Not Suicide

The sudden demise of Angus Cloud has sent shockwaves throughout the community. Even his mother, Lisa Cloud, was taken aback by the tragic event. Recently, she stepped forward to provide some clarity regarding the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Lisa firmly believes that her son did not exhibit any suicidal tendencies and that his death was likely due to an accidental overdose. In an emotional Facebook post, Lisa wrote, "Dear friends, this devastating period has seen an outpouring of love towards my family, and for that, I'm profoundly grateful.

While Angus mourned his father's unexpected death from mesothelioma, it's important to share that he spent his last day in high spirits."

Angus's Final Day: Full of Hope

Lisa recounted the poignant details of Angus's final day, highlighting his zest for life.

"He was reorganizing our house, making plans for the future, and showing every sign of wanting to stay here with me," she recalled. Further cementing her belief in his will to live, she shared that Angus was discussing supporting family members through their educational journeys, indicating that he was looking ahead with hope.

Regarding speculation about the substances involved in his death, Lisa remarked, "The exact details of what he may have consumed remain uncertain to me. All I can painfully recollect is that he was working on his art, and at one point, rested his head on the desk, drifted into slumber, and tragically never awoke.

While we await more clarity, I am firm in my belief that he had no intention of leaving this world." Addressing the numerous speculations making rounds on social media, Lisa stated, "Some narratives paint a picture of an intentional exit.

But I need everyone to understand that this couldn't be further from the truth. As we remember Angus, I implore everyone to embrace daily acts of kindness as a tribute to his memory." Lisa was the first to act during this tragic event, being the one to alert emergency services.

The first responders' report indicates that she was present when medical personnel arrived, a testament to her closeness with her son and the anguish she must have felt in those harrowing moments.