Dean McDermott Mortified as Tori Spelling, Kids Live in RV Park: Report

Tori Spelling's housing choices raise eyebrows among friends and family.

by Nouman Rasool
Dean McDermott Mortified as Tori Spelling, Kids Live in RV Park: Report

Dean McDermott, the 56-year-old former host of "Chopped Canada," has been reported to be "mortified" and "furious" upon discovering that his estranged wife, Tori Spelling, 50, and their children have taken to living in a motorhome.

These revelations come from sources close to McDermott, who spoke to the Daily Mail on Friday. The sources emphasize that McDermott is particularly concerned about the welfare of his children. They maintain that Spelling, a well-known alum of "Beverly Hills, 90210," is not financially destitute, but instead, seems to be living this way as a plea for sympathy.

"Dean is legit mortified, as are all of Tori's friends. They do not understand why she would be doing this unless for sympathy. She has money," one insider disclosed.

Spelling Rejects Friends' Offers

Adding complexity to the situation is the fact that Spelling has been offered places to stay by friends but has repeatedly turned them down.

Instead, she and her children have been residing in roadside motels and RVs, a choice that is said to have infuriated McDermott. "Dean does not think that the kids should be living like this, and of course he is angry. He is furious at Tori because she is acting like a child," the source added, shedding light on McDermott's viewpoint.

"She had every opportunity to make this marriage work, and instead, she fostered the narrative for years that she was done with Dean." The estranged couple's seemingly bitter split comes after 17 years of marriage. Despite the separation and tension, McDermott is said to be in regular communication with his children, demonstrating his commitment to their well-being.

The situation opens up several questions and concerns about the private lives of both McDermott and Spelling. The decision to live in such unconventional circumstances, despite apparent financial stability and available support from friends, has puzzled those close to the family.

While the story unfolds, onlookers are left wondering about the true motives behind these choices and the impact they will have on the children involved. The complexity of emotions, ranging from confusion to anger, demonstrates the intricacies of personal relationships and the profound effect they can have on decision-making, even among high-profile celebrities.

It underscores the need for compassion and understanding in delicate family matters, as the public watches this personal drama continue to play out.