'Charlie's Angels' Stars Jackson & Smith Reunite in Public Outing

A wedding celebration leads to a cherished television reunion.

by Nouman Rasool
'Charlie's Angels' Stars Jackson & Smith Reunite in Public Outing

In an extraordinary turn of events, the iconic stars of the 1970s hit TV series "Charlie’s Angels," Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson, delighted fans with a rare reunion after over 40 years since the series' conclusion.

Their public appearance, both cherished and infrequent, took place during Smith’s son, Gaston Richmond's, recent wedding ceremony. The poignant moment was captured in a video montage that Smith shared on Instagram, allowing fans to partake in their beloved actresses' reunion.

The footage featured Smith and Jackson posing alongside Smith’s husband, Brad Allen, among other cherished memories of the event.

Angels' Elegant Wedding Attire

Smith, the radiant mother of the groom at 77, donned an elegant, sequin-adorned green dress embellished with feathers, epitomizing grace and charm.

Jackson, on the other hand, went for a relaxed yet classy look with white slacks, a beige blazer, and a light blue shirt, completed with a pair of chic brown sunglasses. The emotional weight of the event was reflected in Smith's heartfelt caption, "There is nothing like family, and ours grew this weekend!

I’m so endlessly proud of my son Gaston and am wishing him and Bonnie a lifetime of happiness." This public appearance by Jackson, 74, is especially significant, marking her first time being photographed publicly in over a decade, since attending the funeral of their shared "Charlie’s Angels" co-star Farrah Fawcett in 2009.

Both actresses have remained notably absent from the Hollywood scene in recent years. Jackson's final acting stint was on "Criminal Minds" in 2007. She later appeared on Bravo’s competition series "Shear Genius" in 2008, hosted by none other than Smith.

"Charlie’s Angels" served as a launching pad for both Jackson and Smith, setting them on the path to stardom from 1976 to 1981. However, Jackson opted to hang up her angel wings in 1979, citing the impact of the role on her personal life.

In a candid revelation to Closer Weekly in June 2022, she shared her struggle with the taxing Hollywood lifestyle. Jackson chose to prioritize her well-being over her career, stating, “There’s my life, and there’s the show, and one is killing the other, so something has to go”.

After surviving breast cancer and three failed marriages, she sought refuge from Hollywood, relocating to a farm in Keswick, Virginia, with her adopted son, Charles Taylor. Their iconic roles have since been reprised in various adaptations of "Charlie’s Angels," including the 2000 film and its 2003 sequel featuring Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz, and more recently, the 2019 reboot directed by Elizabeth Banks, starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska, and Naomi Scott. Yet, for many, Smith and Jackson remain the quintessential angels.