Jamie Foxx Credits His 'Courageous' Sister for His Success

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx shares touching recovery story post-hospitalization.

by Nouman Rasool
Jamie Foxx Credits His 'Courageous' Sister for His Success

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Tuesday, Jamie Foxx, the renowned 55-year-old actor, expressed his gratitude towards his sister, Deidra Dixon, following his recovery from a severe "medical complication" that had led to his hospitalization earlier this year.

Foxx shared an affectionate photograph of him with Dixon and followed it with a string of images in honor of her birthday. "Happy birthday to my beautiful sister," Foxx penned. He further described his sister as "magical," "beautiful," and likened her to a "courageous lioness." The post was punctuated with an emotive admission from Foxx: "Without you, I would not be here… had you not made the decisions that you made, I would’ve lost my life….

I love you forever and ever. Happy birthday, sis."

Foxx Credits Family for Recovery

In July, Foxx made his first on-camera appearance since the health crisis. The Oscar-winning actor paid tribute to his sister and daughter for their instrumental roles in his recovery.

He thanked them for "saving his life," and also expressed his appreciation for the divine intervention and the “great medical people” that were by his side during his tribulation. Foxx emphasized the significance of familial support in moments of adversity, expressing how his family members kept his condition private and safeguarded him.

"I cannot tell you how great it feels to have your family kick in in such a way, they kept it airtight, didn't let nothing out. They protected me, and that's what I hope everyone can have in moments like these," he affirmed.

Foxx's silence during his recovery, however, led to a flurry of speculations and unfounded rumors about his health condition online. Addressing the conjectures, Foxx clarified, "People said I was blind, but as you can see, the eyes are working just fine.

They said I was paralyzed, I'm not paralyzed." Acknowledging the tumultuous journey he had endured, Foxx asserted his resilience, "I went to hell and back, and my road to recovery had some potholes as well. But I'm coming back, and I'm able to work." Despite the health scare, Foxx's career remained undeterred.

He recently starred alongside John Boyega and Teyonah Parris in a Netflix-released movie, 'They Cloned Tyrone' Directed by Juel Taylor, the film is a satirical conspiracy thriller and cautionary tale that debuted in July.

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