Lewis Hamilton and Shakira would secretly meet on a Spanish island!


Lewis Hamilton and Shakira would secretly meet on a Spanish island!
Lewis Hamilton and Shakira would secretly meet on a Spanish island!

The site infobae.com, said the alleged couple of the moment, the Mercedes British driver Lewis Hamilton and the Colombian popstar Shakira, met in great secret on a Balearic island between Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera, in recent days.

Site insiders said: "Hamilton drove to the mansion three times in the night to meet her. He was seen entering his home. One of Hamilton's drivers hears him talking to Shakira regularly during his trips." The famous insider and paparazzo Jordi Martin also expressed himself on the matter, who confirmed a certain closeness between the two through his Youtube channel.

The Mercedes 7-tmes F1 world champion and Shakira have never been captured in intimate attitudes, but what is circulating in Argentina tells a very different situation, given that the latest rumors tell of top secret meetings, far from prying eyes on an Iberian island.

In fact, in recent weeks, there have been several occasions in which the pilot and the singer have been paparazzi together, such as after the Miami GP but also following the recent Silvestone GP in mid-July, during a party.

When the rumors started

Lewis Hamilton's alleged relationship with Shakira has just started. The Colombian pop star returned alongside the British driver for the Spanish Grand Prix, and was seen cheering as Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line in second place.

The two then went to dinner together, accompanied by PSG players Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.However, according to YahooSports, Lewis Hamilton is also dating a Brazilian model, Juliana Nalú, while he is dating Shakira.

Shakira's manager wasn't too happy with the singer's relationship with the Formula 1 driver because Lewis is known for being a womanizer.It is not the first time that the Brazilian model Juliana Nalù has been spotted with Lewis Hamilton.

Indeed, the two were immortalized in a hot tub in January and, later, during the Miami Grand Prix and Coachella, the annual music festival.

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