Costner's Wife Moves to Mini-Home Before Leaving $145M Mansion

Unconventional dwelling emerges, blending modern living with industrial aesthetics.

by Nouman Rasool
Costner's Wife Moves to Mini-Home Before Leaving $145M Mansion

The marital home of Kevin Costner and his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner, located in the seaside city of Carpinteria, California, witnessed a flurry of activity on Friday. Days before a court-ordered eviction from the sprawling $145 million property, Baumgartner, 49, moved her belongings to a mini-home down the street.

Early Friday, moving vans were spotted transporting Baumgartner’s possessions to her new dwelling, a petite house nestled amidst shipping containers on a vacant lot. This large parcel of land, owned by the 68-year-old Yellowstone actor, is on the same street as their erstwhile shared residence.

Green-Roofed Home Amidst Containers

The modest new home, tucked away amidst shipping containers, sports a green roof and a wooden deck. An outdoor grill and ample seating complete the exterior, while a dirt road nearby connects the home to the adjacent shipping containers.

Following Baumgartner's filing for divorce in May, the couple's separation has been tumultuous, with Costner alleging that despite receiving $1.45 million for a new residence, his ex-wife refused to vacate the mansion. Baumgartner, meanwhile, accused Costner of trying to render her and their children homeless.

As Baumgartner prepared to leave, her primary concern was maintaining stability for their three children. In response to Costner's insistence on her leaving, she objected, fearing multiple relocations would destabilize the children's lives.

Additionally, she worried about committing to a rental she couldn't afford long-term. Despite the escalating tension surrounding the divorce, Baumgartner remains adamant about leaving the mansion intact and intends to present photos of items she plans to take to Costner's attorneys, negating the need for an "emergency hearing" over the belongings.

This estranged couple's bitter divorce saga commenced when Baumgartner filed for divorce, after which Costner promptly transferred $1.5 million into her account as dictated by their prenuptial agreement. However, she refrained from using the funds to contest the validity of the prenup.

Costner, taken aback by the divorce filing, assumed an amicable split according to their prenuptial agreement. Nevertheless, a judge recently ruled that Costner must pay $129,000 per month in child support, further complicating the matter.

Amid these trials, the children remain at the heart of the dispute, with Baumgartner criticizing Costner's lack of consideration for the psychological impact on them. As Baumgartner adapts to her humble new abode, just down the street from the grand mansion that was once her home, the tumultuous divorce proceedings continue.

The bitterness and struggle for control indicate that this high-profile divorce has not reached its finale, leaving the couple and their children in a state of uncertainty.