Bell, Shepard Ousted from Airport After Sleep Attempt Post-Delay

Celebrity couple faces unexpected overnight stay at Logan Airport.

by Nouman Rasool
Bell, Shepard Ousted from Airport After Sleep Attempt Post-Delay

In an unexpected twist, Hollywood star Kristen Bell and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, along with their two children, were unexpectedly removed from Logan International Airport in Boston amid a significant flight delay on Wednesday.

This unfortunate incident occurred despite the fact that the celebrity family had no alternative accommodation available. The Shepard-Bell family had been stranded at the airport due to a lengthy nine-hour flight delay. Left with no choice, they bought $600 worth of pillows and sheets to construct makeshift beds on the airport floor, as all hotels within a 50-mile radius were reportedly booked solid, according to their social media posts.

Stranded Stars' Airport Ordeal

In an Instagram story update, Bell shared a snapshot of her family and friends, stating, “Stranded at the Boston airport, 9 hours of delays”. The star of "The Good Place" narrated that they tried to kill time by playing Uno and Spades, before deciding to settle down for the night.

This decision was made after they were informed that their flight had been rescheduled to the following day. Bell posted a candid picture from their unexpected layover, showing herself, toothbrush in mouth, captioning it, “We made quite a home here”.

Shepard, on the other hand, shared an Instagram reel capturing their adventure, emphasizing that there were “ZERO vacancies in the greater Boston area”. In the video, Bell humorously remarked about needing to remove her shoes "when I’m in my bedroom", as she stepped onto a sheet spread out on the airport floor.

The video then pans to Shepard, lying on the floor with a neck pillow and blanket, as they calculated the total expenditure on their impromptu bedding arrangement, which was approximately $600. Shepard wittily noted that their funds “could have been a really nice hotel, but they’re all taken,” while Bell humorously quipped, “It’s $600 a night to stay at Boston International Airport”.

However, just as they were settling in for the night, they were asked to leave the premises, leaving them with nowhere to go in the late hours. Luckily, the situation was eventually resolved when they found shelter with friends of friends.

"Thankfully we found friends of friends who offered us their attics and accepted us at 1am!!!!!!” Bell shared in another Instagram update, accompanied by a picture of their unexpected lodgings. Many social media users expressed surprise that even celebrities have to face such travel inconveniences.

One comment stood out: “I truly don’t mean this to be mean but I didn’t think this stuff happened to rich people”. The incident helped underscore that celebrities, despite their status, are not immune to the same travel woes as the rest of us.