Impeach Biden Now - Past Presidents Faced Worse

Unraveling the complex web of the Biden family's financial dealings.

by Nouman Rasool
Impeach Biden Now - Past Presidents Faced Worse

There is an increasingly urgent call to question the ethical integrity of our nation's highest office, our commander-in-chief, President Joe Biden. Allegations are escalating that his office is potentially compromised by international powers, including those with less-than-friendly relations with the United States.

There is a legitimate case for a House Republican-led impeachment inquiry, given the gravity of the purported offenses far exceed those of previous impeached Presidents, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. There is now considerable evidence pointing towards the Biden family's involvement in dubious financial arrangements that fetched them millions.

Alleged facilitator of these operations was none other than Hunter Biden, the president's son. Their business collaborations extended to Chinese entities with purported connections to the Communist Party and shady Ukrainian firms.

These transactions occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President, overseeing American policy in those regions, despite the family's lack of expertise in international business.

Shell Companies and Hidden Bribes

A network of shell companies allegedly channeled these funds, often in smaller increments, presumably in an effort to veil their origins and bypass scrutiny.

One particular claim alleges that Joe and Hunter Biden each accepted bribes of $5 million from Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. Allegedly, the Justice Department intentionally withheld this information from IRS investigators scrutinizing Hunter Biden's activities.

This alleged obstruction of justice didn't stop there. Charges that were prepared as a result of the "tax probe" on Hunter Biden were suppressed by US attorneys appointed by the president himself. What's more, IRS whistleblowers were dismissed from the case, possibly as retribution for exposing wrongdoing.

Further, federal Judge Maryellen Noreika recently thwarted an advantageous plea deal for Hunter Biden. This raises concerns that Biden's administration has been instrumental in protecting Hunter, and by extension, the Biden family business, from deeper inquiry.

This family business, an alleged international influence-peddling operation, thrived due to Joe Biden's power. If not for his position, his family would have had nothing to trade. The lack of transparency surrounding the services provided by the Biden family points towards their potential wrongdoing.

President Biden has constantly denied any knowledge of these business activities, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. An impeachment inquiry would empower House Republicans with formidable investigative authority to discern the nature of the Biden family's earnings, the president's knowledge and involvement in these activities, and whether he has deceived the public.

In addition, it would also allow Congress to evaluate if and how his family's business activities have influenced his policies, thus questioning whether he is acting in the best interest of the country or his own. Under the most serious allegations, the president's actions could even qualify as bribery or treason - the two specific impeachable offenses stated in the Constitution.

In comparison, the last three impeachments were brought for varying offenses deemed "high crimes and misdemeanors." By analyzing its own merits and historical precedents, it's clear that the seriousness of President Biden's alleged misconduct exceeds previous impeachments.

Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate this situation in the same light. The onus now lies with the House Republicans to evaluate the pros and cons of initiating an impeachment inquiry.