Kristen Bell's Daughters Enjoy Non-Alcoholic Beer: 'No Wrongdoing


Kristen Bell's Daughters Enjoy Non-Alcoholic Beer: 'No Wrongdoing

Renowned actress Kristen Bell, during an episode of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," made an unusual revelation on Monday, sharing that her daughters, Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 8, have a fondness for non-alcoholic beer. The disclosure, while initially sounding peculiar, opens up a conversation about the family's unique way of dealing with addiction and sobriety.

Bell, 43, known for her roles in "Veronica Mars" and Disney's "Frozen," explained how this unconventional preference began when her daughters were younger. They often accompanied Bell and their father, Dax Shepard, on neighborhood strolls.

Shepard, a recovering addict, often enjoyed a non-alcoholic beer during these walks, introducing his daughters to the beverage.

Family Bonding over Non-Alcoholic Beer

Shepard, the "Armchair Expert" co-host who has been sober for nearly two decades, would carry their eldest daughter on his chest, a non-alcoholic beer in hand, as they sauntered under the setting sun.

Bell shared, "As a baby, she was pawing at it, and sometimes she'd suck on the rim of it. So, I think it feels to her like something special, something daddy, something family." She underscored that the beers Shepard drank contained absolutely no alcohol.

Nonetheless, she acknowledged the occasional awkwardness during their dining-out experiences, when their daughter would ask waitstaff for a non-alcoholic beer. The request would often leave Bell suggesting that maybe they should keep this particular habit at home.

Quick with her wit, the actress jestingly remarked, "You can judge me if you want, I'm not doing anything wrong. That's your problem." Bell's unapologetic stance and candid approach serve as testament to her and Shepard's philosophy of open conversation in their family.

The couple, happily married since 2013, has never been reticent about Shepard's struggle with addiction, even with their children. Earlier this year, Bell shared with Real Simple her disdain for the term 'taboo,' asserting that no topic should be considered off-limits for discussion.

She stated, "I talk to my kids about drugs, and the fact that their daddy is an addict and he’s in recovery, and we talk about sex." The couple's approach to parenting may be unconventional, but it’s grounded in honesty and openness, effectively dismantling stigmas and fostering understanding. Despite a brief relapse in 2020, Shepard remains a beacon of resilience in the ongoing battle against addiction.