Selena Gomez's 31st: A Birthday Wish to Impact Youth

Selena Gomez promotes mental health via personal birthday plea.

by Nouman Rasool
Selena Gomez's 31st: A Birthday Wish to Impact Youth

Selena Gomez marked her 31st birthday in an extraordinary way, asking her fans to donate to the Rare Impact Fund, a cause that she passionately advocates for. The acclaimed actress, known for her role in "Only Murders in the Building," took to Instagram to share her appreciation for the transformative role the fund has played in delivering mental health services to younger generations.

She proclaimed, "This is my true passion in life," and encouraged her followers to donate in lieu of traditional birthday gifts, garnering a flood of heartfelt responses from fans who expressed their respect and affection for her.

Gomez's dedication to promoting mental health awareness inspired her to create the Rare Impact Fund in 2020. The fund is dedicated to addressing mental health and self-acceptance issues, which are matters deeply significant to Gomez.

In a display of remarkable courage, she publicly shared her personal battle with mental health last year, revealing her bipolar disorder diagnosis in 2020. The talented singer behind "Calm Down" has been open about her internal struggles, recounting her darkest moments when she grappled with suicidal thoughts during her 2016 "Revival" tour.

Her raw and honest sharing has resonated profoundly with many of her fans, further establishing her role as a vocal advocate for mental health.

Gomez Advocates Digital Detox

Gomez has also underscored the importance of mental well-being by periodically disconnecting from social media platforms.

To shield herself from harmful comments and internet drama, she has stepped back from the digital world multiple times. Most notably, she took a break from social media following some internet frenzy involving her former beau, Justin Bieber's wife, Hailey Bieber.

Gomez's approach serves as a strong testament to the importance of self-care and setting healthy boundaries in the realm of online engagements. In celebrating her birthday, Gomez made a powerful statement: her wish was for more people to rally behind the Rare Impact Fund.

She implored her fans to donate, accentuating the tremendous impact their contributions could make in bolstering mental health services. By inspiring others to make a difference, Gomez perpetuates her deep-seated dedication to mental health awareness that extends beyond her personal struggles to include those grappling with similar issues.

Her birthday plea underscores the power of even the smallest acts of kindness and support in making a substantial difference in a person's life.

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