Gigi Hadid, Acclaimed Supermodel, Detained in Cayman Islands for Marijuana Possession


Gigi Hadid, Acclaimed Supermodel, Detained in Cayman Islands for Marijuana Possession
Gigi Hadid, Acclaimed Supermodel, Detained in Cayman Islands for Marijuana Possession

Gigi Hadid, a well-known personality in the fashion world and one of the highest-paid supermodels of the twenty-first century, unexpectedly found herself in legal trouble during a recent trip to the lovely Cayman Islands.

The well-known model reportedly had a brief but unpleasant interaction with the local police after being detained for marijuana possession, according to reports from foreign media agencies.

A Top-Earning Supermodel's Encounter with the Law

According to statements made by her representative to E!News, Hadid had been "traveling with marijuana purchased legally in New York with a medical license" at the time of her arrest in the Cayman Islands.

This revelation initially sparked interest in the case, as it hinted at a potentially lawful basis for her possession. However, her spokesperson also confirmed that she had subsequently admitted to the charges, leading to her eventual release with a determinate sentence.

Remarkably, despite her confession, no further charges were brought against the supermodel.

A Legal Entanglement Abroad

The incident took place on July 10, during what was supposed to be a leisurely trip to the enchanting Cayman Islands for Hadid.

Upon arrival at the Owen Roberts International Airport via a private jet with her friends, customs officers, acting on their duties, conducted a routine search of their luggage. To their dismay, they discovered both "marijuana and utensils used for the consumption of marijuana" among the model's possessions.

This unfortunate discovery led to the immediate arrest of Gigi Hadid and her companion on suspicion of importing marijuana and related paraphernalia. The local outlet, Cayman Marl Road, provided a detailed account of the events that followed.

After the arrest, both Hadid and her friend were escorted to the Prison Center. Later, they were released on bail, awaiting their formal appearance in court. It was on July 12 that the two officially presented themselves before the legal authorities.

Pleading guilty to the charges, they were subsequently ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 each, as reported by Cayman Marl Road. Gigi Hadid's representative reasserted the legality of the marijuana in her possession, emphasizing that it had been obtained legally in New York under a valid medical license.

Interestingly, medical use of marijuana has also been lawful in Grand Cayman since 2017, adding another layer of complexity to the case. Despite the legal tussle, the spokesperson highlighted that her record remained unblemished, and the rest of her time on the island was presumably spent in peace.