Erica Herman Drops $30M Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods' Estate

Legal Battle Unfolds: Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend's NDA Appeal

by Nouman Rasool
Erica Herman Drops $30M Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods' Estate

Tiger Woods' former girlfriend, Erica Herman, has withdrawn her $30 million lawsuit against the golf legend's estate, according to court documents obtained by The Post. The lawsuit, which was initially filed in the fall of 2022, alleged that Woods violated the Landlord Tenant Act by deceiving her into leaving his Florida mansion after they broke up.

Herman's legal battle with Woods didn't end there. She had also filed a separate lawsuit seeking to nullify a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed with Woods in 2017. The NDA became a contentious issue, as Herman claimed it was a result of sexual harassment by Woods, who was her boss at the time they began dating.

Judge Favors Woods, NDA Appeal Persists

A Florida judge, however, twice ruled in favor of Woods, dismissing the sexual misconduct claims as "vague and threadbare" and ordering the case to be resolved through private arbitration.

Despite these setbacks, Herman persisted and appealed the judge's decision in an attempt to lift the NDA. The recent court filing indicates that Herman's $30 million lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice, pending the outcome of her appeal in the NDA case.

The scheduled hearing for the estate lawsuit in August has been canceled as a result of this dismissal. In her now-dismissed lawsuit, Herman asserted that she and Woods had an "oral tenancy agreement," which granted her the right to live in his mansion.

She contended that she still had five years remaining on this agreement when their relationship ended. However, Woods has strongly denied these claims and referred to her as a "jilted ex-girlfriend" in court documents. The legal wrangling between Woods and Herman has been ongoing since their breakup.

Having worked at Woods' restaurant, "The Woods," since 2014, Herman began dating the golf star in 2017. Their five-year relationship eventually soured, leading to the contentious legal disputes. As of now, the lawsuit seeking to lift the NDA remains pending, with Herman continuing to assert that the agreement should be invalidated due to alleged sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods' ex-girlfriend has dropped her $30 million lawsuit against his estate, but the legal saga continues, with both parties still awaiting a final resolution on these complex and delicate matters.