Bertinelli Claps Back at Botox Shaming Critic

TV star Valerie Bertinelli candidly addresses cosmetic procedure regrets.

by Nouman Rasool
Bertinelli Claps Back at Botox Shaming Critic

Valerie Bertinelli, a prominent face in the world of television, chose to address a social media user who took a dig at her appearance. Using both Instagram and TikTok, Bertinelli spoke about a comment which stated, "The Botox looks great." Clear that it was meant to be more of a dig than a compliment, Bertinelli decided to speak out.

Bertinelli, in her video response, expressed, "I know you didn’t mean that as a compliment, but let’s talk about it, shall we? I have tried Botox." She went on to share a photograph from six years prior to illustrate her dissatisfaction with the result.

It was clear, she felt, that Botox had altered her appearance in a way she didn't appreciate.

Botox Alters Bertinelli's Looks

In her explanation, Bertinelli recounted how she was hoping Botox could help her combat her naturally puffy eyes - an aspect of her appearance she's long wished to change.

"As you can see from that picture, it doesn’t look like me," she asserted. "It sort of changed the shape of my eyebrows." Further, the Food Network star shared that she's been refraining from alcohol for the larger part of the year, attributing her eye puffiness partially to drinking.

However, she still battles puffiness, which she addresses in her video. The "Hot in Cleveland" star then delved into the reasoning behind her video. "This is why I wanted to talk about your comment," she spoke to the critic, "Because you’re trying to shame me, and you’re a woman." She made a passionate plea to women to stop shaming each other and to support each other instead in a "flippin’ crazy world." On Botox, she acknowledged that it works great for some people, but not for her.

The actress revealed that she had been looking forward to her Botox effect fading. Additionally, Bertinelli highlighted the use of a skin-blurring filter in her video, contributing to her appearance. In the wake of her dark circles and the comment, Bertinelli disclosed that she's been turning to supplements such as magnesium and melatonin for better sleep.

However, despite a good night's sleep, the dark circles were still present, leading her to conclude, "Genetics!" In both her video and caption, Bertinelli reiterated her plea for kindness and non-judgment, emphasizing, "Let’s not shame people. We’re all in this together! Let's all just talk about it and BE KIND."