Sprouse Weds Palvin After 5-Year Romance


Sprouse Weds Palvin After 5-Year Romance

Prominent actor Dylan Sprouse and his girlfriend of over half a decade, Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin, have reportedly exchanged vows, solidifying their love story with a beautiful wedding ceremony. Palvin, who has carved a successful niche in the fashion industry as a Victoria's Secret model, had previously emphasized that their matrimony would undoubtedly be in Hungary, a tribute to her roots.

Throughout the wedding planning process, the Hungarian beauty exhibited a calm demeanour, maintaining that her stress levels peaked more during the engagement phase than in anticipation of the wedding itself. She opened up about the pressures associated with the proposal, reflecting on how men have an extended duration to prepare.

On the other hand, she was caught in the throes of the moment. "Dylan kept the ring for seven months before he asked the question. For me, it was right then and there," she shared.

Barbara's Deep Commitment Reflection

Barbara was always certain about her desire to wed Dylan.

However, she acknowledged that marriage was a momentous decision that she didn't take lightly, given the lifelong commitment it entailed. A sentiment that stood out throughout their wedding discussions was the absolute certainty of hosting their ceremony in Hungary.

A proud ambassador of her culture, the 29-year-old supermodel was eager to offer a glimpse into her world. This was more than a wedding; it was an opportunity for Barbara to share her heritage, her upbringing, and the locales she frequented, thereby providing an intimate portrayal of her life.

Palvin and Sprouse's journey as a couple began in 2018, sparked by conversations about potentially spending time together in New York or China. Their relationship was soon declared publicly, and by September 2018, they had graced the New York Fashion Week party as an official couple, both on the red carpet and on Instagram.

Away from the limelight and the whirlwind of public events, their bond strengthened over shared hobbies and interests, namely video games and the popular anime series Naruto. They relished their indoor dates, embracing a low-key lifestyle that contrasted with their public personas.

At 30, Dylan reflected on their relationship in a 2019 interview with E! News, stating, "We like watching anime and chilling inside and eating ice cream together. That's kind of our thing."