Ty Pennington: A Dramatic Turn from Red Carpet to ICU

HGTV host Ty Pennington's health scare lands him in ICU.

by Nouman Rasool
Ty Pennington: A Dramatic Turn from Red Carpet to ICU

HGTV personality Ty Pennington recently faced a surprising turn of events, undergoing a significant internal transformation that took him from the glamorous red carpet to the confines of the intensive care unit (ICU). The former host of popular shows like Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition took to Instagram to share his ordeal, revealing that he had been hospitalized due to a throat abscess that obstructed his airway, just two days after attending the Barbie premiere in Los Angeles.

In a candid post, Pennington disclosed the sequence of events that led to his unexpected medical emergency. He explained, "From the red carpet, to the ICU… this last week has been interesting! I'm okay now, still recovering." Detailing his journey, he recounted attending the star-studded Barbie premiere on Sunday, followed by a flight to Colorado for filming in Breckinridge on Monday.

However, the following morning, he woke up at an early hour and found himself struggling to breathe. To his surprise, the persistent sore throat he had been experiencing for the past month turned out to be an abscess that had grown alarmingly large, impeding his air passage.

From Intubation to Gratitude: Pennington's ICU Journey

Pennington continued his account, sharing that he was swiftly intubated and transferred to the ICU in Denver, where he underwent surgery on Wednesday. Expressing his gratitude, he extended heartfelt thanks to the exceptional medical staff at St.

Anthony's in Lakewood, CO, and Summit Health in Frisco for their exceptional care. Reflecting on the experience, Pennington emphasized the importance of listening to one's body and promptly addressing any warning signs it may provide.

Accompanying his post were images of Pennington in the ICU, documenting his recovery process, juxtaposed with a photo of him confidently walking the red carpet at the Barbie premiere. Pennington's attendance at the event was in support of HGTV's upcoming four-part special, Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge, where he competes as a member of one of eight teams of HGTV stars tasked with transforming a Southern California home into a real-life replica of Barbie's iconic pink abode.

Despite his unexpected medical setback, Pennington's participation in the completed filming of Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge ensures the series will proceed as planned, with its premiere scheduled for July 16 at 8 p.m. Meanwhile, Pennington continues to engage audiences as the host of HGTV's Rock the Block and Battle on the Beach, showcasing his undeniable resilience in the face of adversity.