Kim K Pranks Family: Pretends to be Bachelorette

Kim Kardashian's Family Left Shocked by Thanksgiving Prank

by Nouman Rasool
Kim K Pranks Family: Pretends to be Bachelorette

When you think you know what’s coming next in the world of the Kardashians, they take an unexpected turn. Kim Kardashian, the globally renowned reality star and businesswoman, had her family convinced for a brief yet nerve-racking period that she would be taking on a new role as the star of 'The Bachelorette'

In the July 13 episode of 'The Kardashians' Season 3, the spotlight was on Kim as she decided to play a practical joke on her unsuspecting family. The setup? Her alleged next career endeavor as the Bachelorette. The twist, however, required some serious manipulation and support from Rob Mills, a high-ranking Disney executive, to make it all the more convincing for the Kardashian-Jenner clan, particularly her mother, Kris Jenner.

Kim's Thanksgiving Prank Unleashed

The drama unfolded during a family gathering in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving. Kim, standing confidently before her family in the dining room, revealed her fabricated career plan. The conversation unfolded with skeptical comments, especially from Kris, who was initially hesitant about Kim's announcement, and Khloé, who openly doubted its authenticity.

Despite the skepticism, Kim managed to hold up her end of the prank, even roping in Mills, Disney’s EVP of Unscripted and Alternative Entertainment. He played along with Kim's ruse, convincingly indicating that the plan was almost fully in place.

This outrageous affirmation left Kris utterly stunned. Nevertheless, the concern was evident in Kris's reaction as she firmly disagreed with her daughter's supposed decision. Even in a confessional, Kris expressed her disbelief and concern, emphasizing her triple role as Kim's mom, manager, and now would-be 'momager' of the Bachelorette.

Khloé also voiced her worries, noting Kim’s sober lifestyle and unfamiliarity with such a reality show setting. The reveal came when Kim was caught silently mouthing words to an accomplice, leaving Khloé suspicious.

Kim then confessed to the elaborate joke, causing a wave of surprise, relief, and astonishment from the family. Kylie Jenner confessed to falling for the prank, while Kris reflected on the consistent trend of becoming the 'prank victim' within the family dynamics.

In truth, Kim isn't aiming to become the Bachelorette, but she has had a taste of this experience. Hosting a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch titled 'The Dream Guy' in October 2021, she acted as a love-struck contestant, with celebrities like Chris Rock, Chace Crawford, and John Cena vying for her affection.

That evening, she met Pete Davidson, sparking a real-life romance. So, while she isn't stepping onto 'The Bachelorette', the dramatic romantic twists and turns in Kim's life are undoubtedly entertaining, proving that there's no need for a rose ceremony to keep things interesting.

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