Boris and Carrie Johnson Announce Arrival of Newborn Son


Boris and Carrie Johnson Announce Arrival of Newborn Son
Boris and Carrie Johnson Announce Arrival of Newborn Son

Britain's former prime minister Boris Johnson and his wife, who is 23 years his junior, have welcomed a new addition to their family. In a recent social media revelation, the couple introduced their newborn son to the world, sharing that they had chosen to name him Frank Alfred Odysseus Johnson.

Born on July 5, young Frank's arrival was only announced to the public this week. The couple already shares a son, Wilf, and a daughter, Romy. While this marks the third child for Carrie Johnson, the former prime minister is now a father to eight children.

A Rich Family Tapestry

Boris Johnson's other children come from his previous relationships. His marriage to Marina Wheeler, spanning from 1993 to 2018, yielded four offspring: daughters Lara Lettice and Cassia Peaches, and sons Mila Arthur and Theodor Apollo.

Johnson also fathered a daughter named Stephanie with Helen Macintyre. Despite the demanding obligations of a large family, the Johnsons have managed to carve out time for themselves. Last year, in August, the couple embarked on a belated honeymoon to Slovenia.

They chose the serene locale of Jezerski for their getaway, as reported by the local Slovenian media. However, the timing of their vacation stirred controversy at home in Britain. Many criticized Boris for opting to travel abroad while the country was bracing for an economic recession.

Unfazed by the criticism, the couple proceeded with their plans, enjoying the tranquil landscapes of Slovenia.

A Joyful Family Update

On Instagram, Carrie Johnson shared her joy and excitement over welcoming baby Frank. She wrote: "Welcome to the world Frank Alfred Odysseus Johnson born 5th July at 9.15am.

(Can you guess which name my husband chose?!) "I am loving every minute of the sleepy baby bubble. Seeing my older two embrace their new brother with such joy and excitement has been the most wonderful thing to see. We are all very smitten." Carrie extended her gratitude to the medical team that assisted with the birth, writing: "Thank you so much to the incredible NHS maternity team at UCLH.

They really are the most amazing, caring people. I feel such immense gratitude." She then light-heartedly sought recommendations for series to binge-watch during breastfeeding and hinted at looking forward to a well-deserved drink, concluding her heartfelt post.