Danes-Dancy Family Welcomes Third Child, a Girl


Danes-Dancy Family Welcomes Third Child, a Girl
Danes-Dancy Family Welcomes Third Child, a Girl

Acclaimed "Homeland" actress Claire Danes and her husband, actor Hugh Dancy, recently expanded their family, welcoming a baby girl into their lives. With the latest arrival, their family now comprises five members, according to an official confirmation provided to CNN this Tuesday by Danes' representative.

The yet unnamed baby girl joins her older brothers, Cyrus, 10, and Rowan, 4, making the Danes-Dancy family all the more robust. As the family welcomes their newest member, the air is thick with anticipation about what name the proud parents might bestow on their little girl.

Danes Reveals Surprise Pregnancy

The first reports of Danes' pregnancy came to light in January. Shortly after, Danes, an Emmy-winning actress, appeared on the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," where she shared candidly that this would be her third and probably her last child.

"This one was a surprise. This pregnancy happened to me," she jested, adding that both she and Dancy were overjoyed with the news. While speaking on the show, Danes also divulged her sons' amusing reactions to the news of their imminent sister.

Cyrus, she said, was somewhat resigned to the prospect of another sibling, while the youngest, Rowan, was rather less enthusiastic. "The worst has already happened – his name is Rowan," she humorously noted. Revealing Rowan's take on the family addition, Danes said he was "categorically opposed to the idea," expressing his preference for tranquility by stating, "I like peace, momma." Danes and Dancy's story goes back to 2007 when they first met on the set of the romantic drama film, "Evening".

The chemistry between them translated into a beautiful marriage two years later in 2009. The couple has since navigated their journey through life, witnessing their family grow and blossom. As they embrace the joys and challenges of their new baby girl, the couple continues to write their beautiful family story, now with a little more pink.