Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' Star Seeks $99k Legal Fees from Estranged Wife


Kevin Costner's 'Yellowstone' Star Seeks $99k Legal Fees from Estranged Wife

Kevin Costner, acclaimed for his role in the hit series "Yellowstone," has recently made a request to his estranged wife, Christine Costner. In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, it is revealed that Kevin is seeking Christine's assistance in covering his legal expenses totaling $99,225, which have accrued during the ongoing litigation surrounding their prenuptial agreement.

A court date has been scheduled for August 2 to address this matter. The prenuptial agreement between the couple states that if either party incurs legal fees to uphold or prevent a breach of the agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to reimbursement for all associated costs and expenses from the non-prevailing party.

Kevin's $1.5 Million Provision for Christine

In addition, Kevin's filing reminds the court that he had previously set aside $1.5 million in a designated bank account for Christine as part of their prenuptial agreement. However, Christine has expressed reservations about accessing these funds, as she fears it may negatively impact her legal standing in their ongoing divorce proceedings.

Previously, in a separate filing, Christine, a former handbag designer who is currently unemployed, and her legal team requested an additional $350,000 in attorney's fees and $150,000 for forensic costs. This request was made due to the significant disparity in resources available to the two parties.

Kevin's insistence on the validity of the prenuptial agreement has drawn criticism from Christine's legal team, who argue that it is premature and irrelevant to her request for child support and fees. They assert that Kevin is attempting to downplay his financial responsibilities towards their children.

Christine had previously sought $248,000 per month in child support for their three children, along with additional financial support for private school tuition, extracurricular activities, sports costs, and healthcare expenses.

She argues that this amount is necessary to maintain the children's accustomed lifestyle. In response, Kevin has deemed the requested sum as "highly inflated and unsubstantiated," contending that providing more than the bare necessities for the children does not require extravagant expenses primarily benefiting the supported parent.

The couple, who married in 2004, established a prenuptial agreement a decade after Kevin's first divorce, in which he reportedly paid his ex-wife, Cindy Silva, $80 million. Christine filed for divorce on May 1, citing April 11 as their date of separation.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the court will determine the resolution of the prenuptial agreement dispute and address the matters of child support and legal fees in due course.

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