Tom Holland: 'Spider-Man' Star Finds Hollywood 'Scary', 'Dislikes' Industry

Tom Holland opens up about personal struggles, Hollywood.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Holland: 'Spider-Man' Star Finds Hollywood 'Scary', 'Dislikes' Industry

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" star, Tom Holland, renowned for his role in both the "Avengers" and "Spider-Man" franchises, is opening up about his personal battles and the pitfalls of Hollywood in a raw and revealing interview on the "Jay Shetty Podcast." Holland, a native of London, began his acting career at the tender age of nine, quickly ascending to international stardom with his portrayal of Spider-Man.

However, beneath the allure of fame, the actor confesses to struggling with the industry's harsh realities and the necessity of preserving his authentic self. "I am truly passionate about filmmaking, but Hollywood, I must confess, is not my cup of tea," Holland divulged.

"Its business aspect frightens me. Despite being an integral part of it and appreciating my interactions, I constantly strive to distance myself from it, aiming to lead as ordinary a life as feasible."

Holland's Battle for Authenticity

The actor shared profound insights into the importance of maintaining personal identity amidst Hollywood's glamour and allure.

Witnessing many lose themselves to the industry's seductive grasp, including childhood friends, Holland remains ardently committed to preserving the joys of his life - his family, friends, hobbies like carpentry and golf, and the charity run by his mother.

In June, Holland declared a hiatus from Hollywood, scheduled after concluding his AppleTV+ series "The Crowded Room." He also confessed to a carefully guarded personal life, especially concerning his relationship with "Spider-Man" co-star Zendaya.

Opting for discretion, the couple believes privacy is their relationship's healthiest course. Holland stated, "I hold my relationship sacred, keeping it away from public scrutiny. We're both firm believers in privacy as our way forward as a couple." Despite the whirl of Hollywood's social scene, Holland consciously avoids unnecessary attention.

He stressed, "You'll never catch me at an awards show I'm not required to attend or a red-carpet event of a film I'm not part of. I prefer to remain out of the spotlight unless necessary." Besides his professional life, Holland discussed other pivotal life changes, including his recent sobriety.

He confessed to having an "alcohol problem," which he realized during a "Dry January" attempt. Waking up with thoughts of alcohol and checking the clock for the permissible drinking hour deeply concerned him. The actor recounted, "After abstaining, I felt healthier, fitter, and had better mental clarity.

Instead of feeling enslaved by the drink, I questioned my obsession with it." Holland further emphasized his sobriety as the best decision he's made, as it helped him handle on-set mishaps more calmly and improved his overall well-being.

Finally, he shared his decision to take a break from social media, realizing its negative impact on his mental health and the obsession to know what people thought of him. "I felt like I was becoming a problem. So, I decided to announce a break from social media for my mental health," he concluded.

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