Rita Wilson's Heartfelt Tribute to Tom Hanks on His 67th Birthday


Rita Wilson's Heartfelt Tribute to Tom Hanks on His 67th Birthday
Rita Wilson's Heartfelt Tribute to Tom Hanks on His 67th Birthday

Hollywood actress Rita Wilson paid a heartwarming tribute to her husband, revered actor Tom Hanks, on the occasion of his 67th birthday. The actress posted a photograph of Hanks with a caption that undeniably showed the deep love and admiration she has for him.

"Happy Birthday to this man who is my lover, my best friend, my family, the father of my children," Wilson wrote, adorning her message with the kind of sentiment that perfectly encapsulates their decades-long journey together.

The 66-year-old actress continued her post, revealing some lesser-known aspects of Hanks' personality, such as his love for typewriters, his creative knack for concocting unique cocktails, and his commitment to storytelling that supports veterans.

A Man of Many Passions

Interestingly, the multi-talented actor, Hanks, holds a peculiar love for typewriters, which Wilson amusingly claims is only second to his love for her. "He loves a typewriter just slightly less than me, ? (why is there no typewriter emoji?)" she quipped.

Besides his deep affection for these vintage writing machines, Hanks also reveals a playful side in his adventurous approach to mixology, creating unusual yet intriguing blends like the 'Diet Cokecaine' (a mix of Diet Coke and Champagne), and the 'Cokearita' (Diet Coke combined with a margarita).

Hanks' versatile interests extend beyond film and typewriters to engaging with his fans through a DJ gig on @bossradio66 and spending quality time surrounded by loved ones. Moreover, he is passionate about commemorating the lives and sacrifices of veterans.

He has taken his dedication a notch higher by launching a coffee brand, @givehanx Hanx for our Troops, with the noble cause of supporting veterans. "He is one of the smartest people I know, has made me laugh every day for 38 years, can nap anywhere at any time," Wilson added, shedding more light on Hanks' quirks and traits that have made their time together filled with laughter and joy.

Ending her tribute with a flurry of love-filled emojis, Wilson wished her husband a very happy birthday, echoing the sentiments of Hanks' legion of fans around the world who join her in celebrating this iconic actor's milestone.

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